ᵒ Nintendo

The first proper console in our house was from Nintendo. We had an MSX, but this was always advertised as a homecomputer, and not a console, although all we did was play games on it.

It was the Super Nintendo to be precise, and still my favourite console to date. Initially owned by my uncle, who then sold it (as my aunt was annoyed he was always playing on it) to my younger brother (who just had gotten birthday moneys and could afford it, much to my annoyance as I wanted it). It included 12 games. He wasn’t known for sharing, so I eventually bought my own. At least that means I have one complete with box!

For my first communion I had been given a Game Boy. The one with Tetris bundled in. I had to wait patiently for guests to leave so I could spent my communion money on Super Mario Land that afternoon.

And so I got hooked on Nintendo. The games were fun and the sprites looked beautiful (especially compared to the MSX). I played many hours on those machines and still do.

Later in life more Nintendo consoles and handhelds were purchased, although I’ve been skipping the later generations. My heart remains with Nintendo’s early days and their beautiful sprites.

Therefor a lot of my Nintendo merchandise is aimed at this era.

Now you’re playing with power!

Below I’ve compiled a list of things in my collection regarding Nintendo, including a link to the post of it. This will be updated regularly. Note that although Pokémon is part of Nintendo, I have so much of that it has its own category.

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