Super Mario Yoshi Wind-up figures – Tomy

Super Mario Yoshi Wind-up figures by Tomy

Company: Tomy

Release date: 2015 (JPN), 2021 (Europe / UK)

Size: +/- 6.5cm

Main distribution: Japan / UK / Europe

Barcode: 796714679389

These are wind-up Yoshi figures Gashapon. In the West you can buy a capsule from a box rather than getting it out of a Gashapon Machine.

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Reversible Pokéball plush – Tomy

Reversible Pokéball plush by Tomy

Company: Tomy / Hasbro

Year: 1999+

Size: +/- 10cm

Main distribution: Worldwide

Pokémon Reversible Pokéball plush is a range of plush that can be changed from a Pokémon to a Pokéball and back by flipping the plush inside out (with the exception of Togepi who changes to an Egg instead of a Pokéball). They are made by Tomy and released in various waves.

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