Reversible Pokéball plush – Tomy

Reversible Pokéball plush by Tomy

Company: Tomy / Hasbro

Year: 1999+

Size: +/- 10cm

Main distribution: Worldwide

Pokémon Reversible Pokéball plush is a range of plush that can be changed from a Pokémon to a Pokéball and back by flipping the plush inside out (with the exception of Togepi who changes to an Egg instead of a Pokéball). They are made by Tomy and released in various waves.

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Pokémon Power Bouncer – Tomy / Hasbro

Pokémon Power Bouncers by Tomy / Hasbro

Set: Pokémon Power Bouncer Ball / ポケモンスーパーボール Pokémon Super Ball

Company: Tomy (Japan) / Hasbro (West)

Year: 1997 (Japan) / 1998+ (West)

Size: 4.5 cm

Main distribution: Japan, Europe, United States

Pokémon Power Bouncers are transparant bouncy balls with a small Pokémon figure inside. Made by Tomy in Japan in 1997, and later distributed by Hasbro from 1998 onwards in the West. Several series were made.

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Pokémon Figure Collection – Tomy

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy

Set: Pokémon Figure Collection

Company: Tomy / Nintendo

Year: 2000-2001

Size: 5cm

Main distribution: United Kingdom

The Pokémon Figure Collection, also known as “Dome Figures” in the Pokémon community due to the dome shaped cases they are in, are small Pokémon figures on a round coloured base with a transparant dome over them. They were distributed in Gashapon machines and are official Nintendo licensed products. These were made by Tomy UK. They came in various parts or series.

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Tomy Figures – Gen VI (Kalos Region)

Tomy Gen VI

Set: Pocket Monster Collection / MonCollé / MonCollé-Ex

Company: Tomy / Takara Tomy / T-Arts / Auldey

Year: 2013+

Size: +/- 5 cm

Main distribution: Worldwide

The Pocket Monster Collection, MonCollé, MonCollé-Ex or simply Tomy figures are small figures that are highly collectable. The series has been running from the 90s and is still running now. They have been distributed worldwide and have seen various releases and re-releases in various packs. They come often in “toy sets” and are therefor generally found in generic toy stores and supermarkets instead of the more niche geek shops. In Japan these figures come also in stand alone packs.

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