Dragon Ball Still Waiting For You – Bandai

Dragon Ball Still Waiting For You by Bandai

Series: Dragonball Z / Dragonball Super

Company: Bandai

Release: 2024

Size: +/- 4 cm

Main distribution: Japan / USA / UK (Gashapon machines)

This is a little Gashapon line of figures waiting with their knees tucked up, hence the name Still Waiting For You (Machiboke). The main line is animals, but there have been spin-offs sets who gotten the same treatment, like Dragon Ball here. They are distributed in Gashapon machines by Bandai.

Many series have been made so far. I’ll only list the Dragon Ball ones here.
To see the main animal lineBirds, Japanese High School Baseball Player or Japanese Souvenir Folk Toys, click on their respective links.

4 figures have been made.

The figures come in transparent balls so you can see which one you got without opening it.

Dragon Ball Still Waiting For You by Bandai - Capsule

Each figure is individually wrapped in plastic, and comes with a black and white large leaflet.

Dragon Ball Still Waiting For You by Bandai - Leaflet

The set exists out of 4 figures; Goku, Vegeta, Krillin and Yamcha.

I got 1/4.


Dragon Ball Still Waiting For You by Bandai - Vegeta

Vegeta is sitting with his legs crossed, his right arm casually on his knee and the other supporting his head. He has a grumpy face. He wears his battle damaged outfit from Namek, after Krillin had shot him in the chest. He has black hair / is in his base form.
The branding is on the back of his hair reads in raised font “© B/S · T 2685983 B.” and the 4 dots of Bandai.

My local Gashapon store got these Dragonball Super Gashapon in now. And although I like the Still Waiting For You series, these chibi’s of Dragonball aren’t my favourite.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t like chibi’s that much anymore, or perhaps because these remind me of those weird anime bootleg rubber strap figures you see everywhere.
Still, it’s Dragonball, so how could I not?

I had hoped for Krillin. He seems to suit this chibi style the best. I got Vegeta though. I can’t complain too much, Vegeta is my favourite Dragonball character after all.

For some reason the broken armour is a selling point. I wish they had gone with a different pose though. I love the following art of him which I feel would have worked for this line of figures with the knee up.

Poster of Vegeta sitting in front of planets.
© Bird Studio

Or perhaps as he’s seen in the anime when they just got back to Earth;

Screenshot of Dragonball Z of Vegeta sitting against the tree on Earth after Namek.
© Toei Animation

But I suppose him being grumpy suits him too.

For some reason it’s also marketed as Dragonball Super, even though all these designs are from Dragonball Z.

If you like Gashapon and/or Dragonball, you might like this series. Be advised they may be expensive depending where you find them.
If you prefer larger or more Western toys, you might give these a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own these figures? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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