Still Waiting For You ~Japanese Highschool Baseball Player~ – Bandai

Still Waiting For You ~Japanese Highschool Baseball Player~ by Bandai

Company: Bandai

Release: October 2023

Size: +/- 4 cm

Main distribution: Japan / USA / UK (Gashapon machines)

This is a little Gashapon line of figures waiting with their knees tucked up, hence the name Still Waiting For You (Machiboke). The main line is animals, but there have been spin-offs sets who gotten the same treatment, like these Japanese Highschool Baseball Player, distributed in Gashapon machines by Bandai.

Many series have been made so far. I’ll only list the Japanese Highschool Baseball Player here.
To see the main animal line, Birds, or Japanese Souvenir Folk Toys, click on their respective links.

5 figures have been made.

The figures come in transparent balls so you can see which one you got without opening it.

Still Waiting For You ~Japanese Highschool Baseball Player~ by Bandai - Gashapon capsule

Each figure is individually wrapped in plastic, and comes with a black and white large leaflet.

Still Waiting For You ~Japanese Highschool Baseball Player~ by Bandai - Leaflet

The set exists out of 5 figures; Baseball boy (Straight Face), Baseball boy (Weeping), Baseball boy (Blank Expression), Baseball boy (Smiling) and Baseball boy (Motivated).

We got 1/5.

Baseball boy (Straight Face)

Still Waiting For You ~Japanese Highschool Baseball Player~ by Bandai - Baseball boy (Straight Face)

Baseball boy (Straight Face) is sitting with his knees tucked up as the series Still Waiting For You is known for. He has a worried 3: face. He wears a cap and has uniform number 17. The branding is on his bum and reads in raised font “©BANDAI B.2659499” and the 4 dots of Bandai.

We went back to the Gashapon store as I just love them too much, and they had some new series. I thought these looked cute so got one.

I didn’t mind which one I would get though, and was pleased with Straight Face. He looks kind of worried in my opinion though. I guess he’ll pair nicely with my baseball Vegeta from the Dragon Ball WCF figures.

If you like Gashapon and/or Japanese things, you’ll like this series. Be advised they may be expensive depending where you find them.
If you prefer larger or more Western toys, you might give these a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own these figures? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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