Dragonball Z Flexible Super Guerriers – AB Groupe

Series: Dragon Ball Z

Company: AB Groupe (Re-released by KidzBiz and Irwin Toy)

Year: 1996, 2000

Size: cm

Main distribution: Europe, America

These bendable figures also known as the “Flexible Super Guerriers” (Flexible Super Warriors) were made by the AB Groupe. AB Groupe (now Mediawan Thematics) is a French broadcasting group, and the distributor of the Dragon Ball merchandise for European and Canadian markets. They made the English dub for the Dragon Ball Z movies in the Netherlands (based of their French dub), with awkward changes like Piccolo being “Big Green” and the Saiyans “Space Warriors”. As terrible as that dub was, their toys were one of the first you could get in Europe. Here you’ll find the flexible figures of them. They made 8 different ones, 4 which later got re-releases under KidzBiz and Irwin Toy.

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Dragonball Z Full Color Battle – Bandai

Dragonball Z Full Color Battle by Bandai

Series: Dragon Ball Z

Company: Bandai

Year: 1993~1997

Size: 3~7cm / 2″

Main distribution: Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, America

Bandai released some of the first figures of Dragonball Z when the show started airing in Japan. This line was called “Full Color Battle” and 36 figures / sets were made. These were later re-released in Hong Kong, as well as by AB Groupe as “Super Guerriers” (Super Warriors), and then re-released again by Irwin Toy, bringing them to the West.

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Dragonball Z Mini Figures – Irwin Toy

Dragonball Z Mini Figures by Irwin Toy

Series: Dragon Ball Z

Company: Irwin Toy

Year: 1999-2000

Size: 1.8~4.3 cm / 1″

Main distribution: Europe, America

Irwin Toy was a Canadian distributor and manufacturer of toys. They started off by re-releasing Dragonball Z figures from other companies, like AB Groupe’s “Super Guerriers” (Super Warriors) or 2″ figures, bringing these toys to America. Later they made their own version, 1″ figures, using the exact same molds scaled in half. They made 96 different ones, released in 12 packs over 8 series.

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Mario Kart Hot Wheels – Mattel

Series: Mario Kart

Company: Mattel

Year: 2019+

Size: +/-6cm

Main distribution: Worldwide

Hot Wheels have a Mario Kart line running since 2019 featuring a variety of Super Mario characters in a variety of karts. These come in several packaging; singles, with gliders, 4-packs, 8-packs, blind boxes etc.

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Dragonball Super Limit Breaker Series – Bandai

Dragonball Super Limit Breaker Series by Bandai Wave 2 Super Saiyan Vegeta

Series: Dragonball Super

Company: Bandai

Year: 2019+

Size: +/-30~33cm

Main distribution: Worldwide

With the success of Dragonball Super new Action Figures got released. Bandai created a new line called ‘Limit Breaker’ series with large 5 points of articulation Action Figures. They are being released in waves.

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Winnie the Pooh – Classic Pooh plush – Golden Bear

A headshot of Winnie the Pooh, Classic Pooh plush by Golden Bear

Series: Winnie the Pooh

Company: Golden Bear

Size: 30 cm

Main distribution: Europe

This is a Winnie the Pooh from the Classic Pooh line. He is made to look like the classic images of Ernest Howard Shepard. This one has a shaggy fur and is made by Golden Bear.

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Gus – Disney Animators’ Collection plush

Gus from the Disney Animators' Collection plush, by the Disney Store

Series: Cinderella

Set: Disney Animators’ Collection

Company: The Disney Store

Release: 2011~2014

Size: 19 cm

Main distribution: Worldwide (at the Disney Store)

This is the mouse Gus from Cinderella. The plush is part of the Disney Animators’ Collection, a series of Disney characters done as toddlers. These were for sale in the Disney Store.

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Reversible Pokéball plush – Tomy

Reversible Pokéball plush by Tomy

Company: Tomy / Hasbro

Year: 1999+

Size: +/- 10cm

Main distribution: Worldwide

Pokémon Reversible Pokéball plush is a range of plush that can be changed from a Pokémon to a Pokéball and back by flipping the plush inside out (with the exception of Togepi who changes to an Egg instead of a Pokéball). They are made by Tomy and released in various waves.

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