Reversible Pokéball plush – Tomy

Reversible Pokéball plush by Tomy

Company: Tomy / Hasbro

Year: 1999+

Size: +/- 10cm

Main distribution: Worldwide

Pokémon Reversible Pokéball plush is a range of plush that can be changed from a Pokémon to a Pokéball and back by flipping the plush inside out (with the exception of Togepi who changes to an Egg instead of a Pokéball). They are made by Tomy and released in various waves.

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Pokémon Terrarium Collection – Re-ment

Pokémon Terrarium Collection by Re-ment

Company: Re-ment

Release: August 2017+

Size:  7 cm

Main distribution: Japan / Worldwide

Re-Ment makes various blind boxes with cute little items and / or scenes of a multitude of IPs. This series is called Terrarium Collection featuring Pokémon in a little terrarium inside a transparant Pokéball.

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Pokémon Power Bouncer – Tomy / Hasbro

Pokémon Power Bouncers by Tomy / Hasbro

Set: Pokémon Power Bouncer Ball / ポケモンスーパーボール Pokémon Super Ball

Company: Tomy (Japan) / Hasbro (West)

Year: 1997 (Japan) / 1998+ (West)

Size: 4.5 cm

Main distribution: Japan, Europe, United States

Pokémon Power Bouncers are transparant bouncy balls with a small Pokémon figure inside. Made by Tomy in Japan in 1997, and later distributed by Hasbro from 1998 onwards in the West. Several series were made.

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Pokémon Kids – Bandai

A collection shot of Pokémon Kids by Bandai

Set: Pokémon Kids (ポケモンキッズ) 

Company: Bandai

Year: October 1996+

Size: +/- 4~5.5 cm

Main distribution: Japan, Europe, Australia, United States, UK

Pokémon Kids are a line of figures that are hollow. In Japan, these can be bought boxed in singles, and come with a card and candy. Outside Japan, these are marketed as “finger puppets” and come in 6 or 4 packs. The line is still running today and each Pokémon has gotten a Kid figure, some even more in several poses. There are also shiny (Japan only) and clear variants (up to 2008), as well as an Attack line (Pokémon posed doing Attacks). Some special sets have also been released.

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Pokémon Flocking Doll – Sekiguchi

Pokémon Flocking Doll by Sekiguchi

Company: Sekiguchi

Release: January, 2018

Size: 12~13.5cm

Main distribution: Japan

These are fuzzy Flocking Doll figures made by Sekiguchi from the first starters; Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu. Sekiguchi is mostly known for the Monchhichi dolls, but has recently started dabbling in Pokémon plush and figures as well.

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Pokémon Figure Collection – Tomy

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy

Set: Pokémon Figure Collection

Company: Tomy / Nintendo

Year: 2000-2001

Size: 5cm

Main distribution: United Kingdom

The Pokémon Figure Collection, also known as “Dome Figures” in the Pokémon community due to the dome shaped cases they are in, are small Pokémon figures on a round coloured base with a transparant dome over them. They were distributed in Gashapon machines and are official Nintendo licensed products. These were made by Tomy UK. They came in various parts or series.

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Pokémon All Star Collection Plush – San-ei

Pokémon All Star Collection Plush by San-ei

Set: Pokémon All Star Collection

Company: San-ei

Year: 2015+

Size: various (S, M and L)

Main distribution: Japan / Worldwide

Pokémon All Star Collection is a range of plush that aims to faithfully reproduce the appearance of Pokémon. They are made by San-ei, known for its stuffed animals as well as various licensed series, mostly Nintendo ones. They are released in waves, 15 so far, and are still being produced now. There are currently over 166 different plush in various sizes.

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Pokémon Play-By-Play Plush

Pokémon Play-By-Play Plush

Company: Play-By-Play

Year: 1999~2002

Size: various

Main distribution: Europe / Australia / Mexico and few other countries (amusement park, carnivals and fairs prizes)

Play-By-Play is a Spanish company based in València who make prizes of various IP. In the 2000s they had the Pokémon license and made many plush. Due to being amusement park / carnival / fair prizes, they were made in abundance and cheaply, with varied quality control, making some look better than others. Several sizes were made and different fabrics were used. 34 different Pokémon and Ash got the treatment.

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Pokémon Palette Color Collection

Pokémon Palette Color Collection Gashapon by Kitan Club

Company: Kitan Club

Release: 2019+

Size:  +/- 4 cm

Main distribution: Japan

Pokémon Palette Color Collection is a series of Gashapon sets of small Pokémon figures with paint tubes and brushes on a coloured base. Each volume focuses on a specific colour, with Pokémon and paint of that colour. They came out of a Gashapon machine in a capsule. Each volume exists out of 5 figures.

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