Sitting Pokémon – Pokémon Center

Sitting Pokémon by Pokémon Center

Company: Pokémon Center

Year: 2022

Size: 5cm

Main distribution: Pokémon Centers Japan

Barcode: 4521329382258

Sitting Pokémon is a Gashapon set from Pokémon where the Pokémon are sitting on an edge, made by the Pokémon Center.

They come in coloured transparent capsules so you can see which one you got without opening it.

Sitting Pokémon by Pokémon Center - Capsule

Each figure is individually wrapped in plastic, and comes with a coloured leaflet.

2 sets of 6 figures have been made, resulting in 12 Pokémon to collect.

I got 1/12.

Sitting Pokémon

Sitting Pokémon 1 by Pokémon Center

The first set exists out of 6 figures; Pikachu, Riolu, Marshtomp, Slowpoke, Eiscue (Noice Face) and Ball Guy.

I got 0/6.

Sitting Pokémon 2

Release date: 2022
Barcode: 4521329382258

Sitting Pokémon 2 by Pokémon Center

The second set exists also out of 6 figures; Calyrex, Psyduck, Natu, Piplup, Croagunk and Kirlia.

Sitting Pokémon 2 by Pokémon Center - Leaflet

I got 1/6; Psyduck.


Sitting Pokémon 2 by Pokémon Center - Psyduck

Psyduck is sitting with his feet sticking out forward, and its arms on its sides. It looks quizzical, with its right eye half closed. It looks a bit chubby. Its bottom is flat and its feet hang over, so it can sit on an edge. The branding is on the back of its head and simply reads in a raised font Pokémon.

I found these at a game market at a stall that was selling Japanese imported merchandise. I thought Psyduck looked cute so grabbed that one.

There’s an odd choice of characters here, but it’s nice to see some other Pokémon featured, as well as Ball Guy! I would like Pikachu as well, or Slowpoke, but they only had series 2.

Psyduck looks adorable on the edge of my shelf. Its expression is so funny to me. He’s a nice size too and feels like good quality.

If you like small, cute little figures of Pokémon this set is great.
If you prefer bigger figures, or other poses, you might give this a miss.

Got any more details / information? Did I get something wrong? Do you own the same figures or the full set? Let me know in the comments below!

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