Dragonball Z Mini Skateboard – Toycom

Dragonball Z Mini Skateboard by Toycom

Series: Dragon Ball Z

Company: Toycom

Year: 1999

Size:  9.5 cm

Main distribution: America / Europe

Barcode: 693904231009

Back in the 90s finger skateboards were all the rage. Toycom must have decided to combine the 2 hottest things of now and make a line of Dragonball Z mini skateboards, officially licensed. 8 different skateboards were made.

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Dragon Ball Z Poster Pack – 1000 Editions

DBZ Posters 1000 Editions

Series: Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball GT

Company: 1000 Editions

Year: 1986 – 1997

Size: 30 x 24 cm

Main distribution: Europe / Spain

This is a set of Dragon Ball Z and GT posters. I could not find much information, apart from it being called “1000 editions”, which I believe was the company’s name which was located in Spain. I assume they also got printed here. The artwork used seems to be various promotional work, and dates from 1986 to 1997.

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