Future Trunks’ Capsules – Bandai

Future Trunks' capsule box by Bandai

Series: Dragon Ball Z

Company: Bandai

Year: 2007

Size:  11x9cm

Main distribution: Japan

This is a box with a Hoi-Poi capsule that Future Trunks had in the Trunks Saga, made by Bandai. It is intended for cosplay.

It’s a little white box with B-17 on it and the Capsule Corp logo. It can be flipped open.

Future Trunks' capsule box by Bandai inside

Inside the lit are 3 capsules listed. 2031 Capsule Refrigerator, 433 Time Machine and 89 Airplane.

The box has an empty compartment to the right, and a capsule 89 on the left.

Future Trunks' capsule box by Bandai Capsule 89

The capsule is actually a little clock, that displays the time on a small LCD screen. There is a button on the back, as well as the button on top of the capsule, to set the time.

The battery has run out of mine. There are 2 screws to open the capsule up, but I’d have to remove the sticker around it to actually open it, and I’m not even sure if the battery can be replaced.

Future Trunks' capsule box by Bandai back

The branding is on the back and reads in raised font: © B/S · T BANDAI 2007 MADE IN CHINA 2011208. It also has the Bandai logo.

I found this one day in an anime shop in Amsterdam. I recall this one, as well as a scouter and a Goku wristband, but it was all aimed for young children and I didn’t think the scouter would fit me, so I went with the capsules instead. I bought anything Vegeta and Trunks back then.

I never done cosplay, but I thought it was cool to have a Dragonball Z “prop”. The capsule has a satisfying click when you press it as well. It seems like a handy prop as well, as it gives you the time as well as a little compartment to store things in.

It looks fairly accurate to Future Trunks’ capsule box as well, and uses the same capsule numbers and colour (although the Time Machine isn’t 433).

Screenshot of DBZ Ep 121 Future Trunks holding the box
Screenshot of DBZ Ep 121 Future Inside shot of the box
Screenshot of DBZ Ep 121 Capsule Refrigerator
Dragonball Z Episode 121 (Episode 4 of the Trunks Saga)
Welcome Back Goku
オッス!! ひさしぶり… かえってそんくう Ossu!! Hisashiburi… Kaette Kita Son Gokū
(Heya!! It’s Been a While… Son Goku Returns)

It’s quite quirky to have I think, although I’m sad my battery is dead.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own this? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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