Still Waiting For You Birds – Bandai

Still Waiting For You Birds by Bandai

Company: Bandai

Release: 2023+

Size: +/- 5 cm

Main distribution: Japan / USA / UK (Gashapon machines)

This is a little Gashapon line of figures of birds waiting with their legs tucked up, hence the name Still Waiting For You (Machiboke). The main line is animals, but there have been spin-offs sets who gotten the same treatment, like these birds. They are distributed in Gashapon machines by Bandai.

Many series have been made so far. I’ll only list the birds here.
To see the main line, Dragon BallJapanese High School Baseball Players, or Japanese Souvenir Folk Toys, click on their respective links.

2 birds series have been made so far of 5 figures each, resulting in 10 figures.

I got 1/10.

The figures come in coloured transparent balls so you can see which one you got without opening it.

Still Waiting For You Birds by Bandai - Capsule

Each figure is individually wrapped in plastic, and comes with a large leaflet.

Series 1

Still Waiting For You Birds by Bandai - Series 1

Series 1 exists out of 5 figures; Long-tailed Tit, Java Sparrow, Parakeet (blue), Parakeet (green) and a Swallow.

I got 0/5.

Series 2

Still Waiting For You Birds by Bandai - Series 2

Series 1 exists out of 5 figures; Swallow Chicks, Sparrow, Budgerigar (white), Budgerigar (grey) and a Shoebill.

I got 1/5.

Still Waiting For You Birds by Bandai - Series 2 leaflet

The leaflet is quite large, in colour and in Japanese.


Still Waiting For You Birds by Bandai - Series 2 Shoebill

Shoebill is sitting with its legs tucked up as the series Still Waiting For You is known for. Its wings are crossed over it. Shoebill is a greyish blue with a yellow beak. Its expression is neutral.
The branding is on its the bottom in a dented square and reads in raised font “©BANDAI B.the 4 dots of Bandai 2680468”.

I went back to the gashapon store again and this time they had this new series in. I thought it was part of the main line Still Waiting For You but turns out the Birds got its own line.

I love Shoebills, I think they are such quirky looking birds. I also love the Horseclaw in Nausicaä, and Shoebills remind me of them. So when I saw this set I wanted to try and get the Shoebill.

And I got it on my first try! Which is great as I don’t think this pose works very well on birds. It looks like they are trying to cover their privates, haha. Which makes this one pair very well actually with the Shoebill from Animal Sauna, who is wearing a towel and looking downwards. I love making little scenes like this.

If you like Gashapon, little figures, cute and/or funny animals/birds, you’ll like this series. Be advised they may be expensive depending where you find them.
If you prefer larger or articulated toys, you might give these a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own these figures? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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