Dragon Ball WCF – Banpresto

Dragonball WCF Collection

Series: Dragonball / Dragonball Z / Dragonball Kai / Dragonball Super / Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle / Super Dragonball Heroes

Company: Banpresto

Release: pre2009+

Size: +/- 8 cm

Main distribution: Japan / Worldwide

Barcode: 3296580XXXXXX

WCF stands for World Collectable Figures. This is a series made by Banpresto done for several IP’s, like Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball Kai, Dragonball Super, Dr. Slump, One Piece, My Hero Acedemia etc. These are all little chibi figures on bases. Here you’ll find all the Dragon Ball ones, including the spin offs.

Various volumes of 5 to 8 figures have been made over the years. I found my first ones in 2009, but I’m certain some were older than that.

What’s great about these is that it contains figures of the support cast, whom usually don’t get a lot of merchandise. It has also resulted in some funny figures in unusual poses.

All figures have ©B/S·F·T, BP. [year of release] CHINA, ©B/S·F·T, BSP CHINA or ©B/S·T, BSP. CHINA on them. Their bases have Banpresto [year of release], MADE IN CHINA, BANDAISPIRITS, MADE IN CHINA or BSP. CHINA and some letters and numbers that indicate which figure / set they are from on them. Bases have different colours depending on set.

They all come individually in a small box, and the box indicated which one is inside, so they’re not blindboxes. Inside you’ll find the figure, base and peg wrapped in plastic. They are easy to assemble.

WCF in packaging

I initially intended to collect them all, but quickly gave up when I realised how many there were. Now I only go for my favourites.

I will list them all here for collecting purposes, as I struggled to find a full list. I’ve listed 536! ones but there may be more out there, especially the later ones as they are still being made now. I have not listed the Mega WCF, nor the Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary. I have also tried to list them by Series, not by release. If I have / had them I will upload the images as well.

Links to the series:
Dragonball (95)
Dragonball Z (132)
Dragonball Kai (68)
Dragonball Z Battle of Gods (33)
Dragonball Z Resurrection of F (18)
Dragonball Super (132)
Dragonball Super Broly (18)
Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle (5)
Super Dragonball Heroes (35)


Volume 01
DB001 Kid Goku 
DB002 Bulma
DB003 Bear Bandit
DB004 Master Roshi
DB005 Turtle
DB006 Kid Goku (Girl Disguise)
DB007 Oolong’s Robot Transformation
DB008 Oolong

Volume 02
DB009 Pterodactyl 
DB010 Oolong’s Bull Transformation
DB011 Ox King
DB012 Chi Chi
DB013 Super Roshi
DB014 Kid Goku (Roshi Training Outfit)
DB015 Yamcha
DB016 Puar

Volume 03
DB017 Krillin
DB018 Fat Lady/Ugly date Goku brought for Roshi
DB019 Boss Rabbit/Monster Carrot
DB020 Emperor Pilaf
DB021 Shuu
DB022 Mai
DB023 Pilaf Machine
DB024 Kid Goku (Blue Outfit w/Power Pole)

Volume 04
DB025 World Tournament Announcer
DB026 Kid Goku (Turtle School Tournament Outfit)
DB027 Jackie Chun
DB028 Bacterian
DB029 Ranfan
DB030 Giran
DB031 Nam
DB032 Oozaru Goku

Volume 05
DB033 Kid Goku (in cold weather clothing provided by Suno)
DB034 Suno/Sno
DB035 Major Metallitron
DB036 Murasaki
DB037 Android 8
DB038 Buyon
DB039 Commander Red
DB040 Staff Officer Black (Adjutant Black/Assistant Black)

~Treasure Rally I~
Release date: June 2018
A Kid Goku with Monkey
B Bulma
Rest are re-releases of 12 figures, limited to specific stores by box colour (4 colours, each containing Kid Goku and Bulma and 3 other figures)

Overseas re-release:
A Goku (wedding outfit)
B Chi-Chi (wedding outfit)
C Dragonradar & Dragonball 4-star
D King Yemma
E Magic Water & Senzu Beans
F Shenron Model

~Treasure Rally II~
Release date: July 2019
A Kid Goku Pirate
B Launch
Rest are re-releases of 12 figures, limited to specific stores by box colour (4 colours, each containing Kid Goku and Launch and 3 other figures)

Overseas re-release March 2021:
A Kid Goku with monkey
B Bulma
C Shenron
D Kami
E Dragonballs
F Porunga

~Treasure Rally III~
Overseas re-release January 2022:
A Son Goku (pirate outfit)
B Lunch
C Turles
D Kaizoku Robo
E Tao Pai Pai

~Treasure Rally IV~
Overseas re-release February 2022:
A Gogeta (Super Saiyan)
B Hildegarn
C Great Saiyaman

WCF Figures - Overseas Treasure Rally Vol. 4 - C Great Saiyaman box
WCF Figures - Overseas Treasure Rally Vol. 4 - C Great Saiyaman

D Great Ape Vegeta Oozaru
E Cooler
F Metal Cooler

-The Historical Characters-
Release date: ???
A re-release from Dragonball Super’s ~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 1. Continues in Dragonball Z’s -The Historical Characters- Vol. 1 etc.
01 Kid Goku & Nimbus
02 Bulma
03 Master Roshi
04 Krillin
05 Yamcha & Puar
06 Genaral Tao

Dragonball Z

Volume 1
DBZ001 Goku
DBZ002 Piccolo
DBZ003 Kid Gohan
DBZ004 Raditz
DBZ005 Yamcha
DBZ006 Vegeta
DBZ007 Nappa
DBZ008 Saibaman

Volume 2
Release Date: 2009

WCF Figures - DBZ Vol 2
Possibly bootleg, no marking on figures only bases

DBZ009 Goku (Kaioken)
DBZ010 King Kai
DBZ011 Bubbles
DBZ012 Gohan (Pre-Namek)
DBZ013 Krillin (Pre-Namek)
DBZ014 Bulma (Pre-Namek Spacesuit)
DBZ015 Chi Chi
DBZ016 Ox King

Volume 3
DBZ017 Frieza First Form
DBZ018 Zarbon
DBZ019 Dodoria
DBZ020 Recoome 
DBZ021 Guldo
DBZ022 Captain Ginyu
DBZ023 Jeice
DBZ024 Burter

Volume 4
Release Date: 2009?

WCF Figures - DBZ Vol 4

DBZ025 Nail
DBZ026 Guru
DBZ027 Dende
DBZ028 Ginyu Frog & Female Frog
DBZ029 Frieza Third Form
DBZ030 Frieza Final Form
DBZ031 SSJ Goku
DBZ032 Bardock

Volume 5
DBZ033 Tien
DBZ034 Chiaotzu
DBZ035 Future Trunks
DBZ036 Mecha / Cyborg Frieza
DBZ037 King Cold
DBZ038 Goku (Yardrat Outfit)
DBZ039 Android #19
DBZ040 Android #20 / Dr. Gero

Volume 6
Release date: 2009?

WCF Figures - DBZ Vol 6
Possibly bootleg? Branding on both figures and bases.

DBZ041 Baby Trunks
DBZ042 SSJ Future Trunks
DBZ043 SSJ Vegeta
DBZ044 Android #16
DBZ045 Android #17
DBZ046 Android #18
DBZ047 Imperfect Cell (First Form) with husk
DBZ048 Angel Goku

~Super Saiyans~
Release date: March 2014
DBZSS001 SSJ Vegeta
DBZSS003 SSJ Future Trunks
DBZSS004 SSJ Gohan
DBZSS005 SSJ Goten
DBZSS006 SSJ Trunks

~Memorial Parade~
Release date: July 2014
DBZMP001 Tori Bot & Nimbus (purple gi)
DBZMP002 Goku
DBZMP003 Krillin
DBZMP004 Kid Gohan
DBZMP005 Piccolo
DBZMP006 Vegeta

~VS Buu~
Release date: November 2014
DBZBO001 Majin Buu
DBZBO002 SSJ3 Goku
DBZBO003 Super Buu
DBZBO004 SSJ3 Gotenks
DBZBO005 Buutenks
DBZBO006 Gohan

-Volume 0-
Release date: February 2015
Barcode: 3296580????24
DBZ-01 Bardock
DBZ-02 Gine
DBZ-03 Young Goku
DBZ-04 Young Vegeta

WCF Figures - DBZ-04 Box
WCF Figures - DBZ-04 Young Vegeta

DBZ-05 Kid Bulma
DBZ-06 Jaco

~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 1
Release date: June 2016
DBZBS01 Goku
DBZBS02 Vegeta
DBZBS03 Bardock
DBZBS04 Frieza (First Form)
DBZBS06 SSJ2 Gohan

~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 2
Release date: July 2016
DBZBS07 Legendary SSJ Broly
DBZBS09 SSJ2 Future Trunks
DBZBS10 Perfect Cell
DBZBS11 Demon King Piccolo
DBZBS12 Kid Goku

~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 3
Release date: August 2016
DBZBS14 Frieza (Fourth Form)
DBZBS16 Kid Buu
DBZBS17 SSJ Blue Goku
DBZBS18 Golden Frieza

~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 4
Continues in DBS ~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 5.
DBZBS19 Legendary SSJ Broly
DBZBS23 SSJ Bardock
DBZBS24 Chilled

~Boss Frieza~
Release date: April 2017
DBZBF01 Frieza in suit palms outward
DBZBF02 Cyborg Frieza in suit
DBZBF03 Frieza in suit clapping
DBZBF04 Frieza in suit pointing
DBZBF05 Frieza in suit giving business card
DBZBF06 Frieza in suit 100% power

-The Historical Characters- Volume 1
Release date: November 2020
A re-release of DBS’ ~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 2.
07 Son Goku
08 Piccolo
09 Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)

WCF Figures - DBZ Historical Characters Vol 1 - 09 Box
WCF Figures - DBZ Historical Characters Vol 1 - 09

10 Radditz
11 Frieza (Final Form)
12 Captain Ginyu

-The Historical Characters- Volume 2
Release date: ???
A re-release of DBS’ ~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 3.
13 SSJ Goku
14 SSJ Gohan (Cell Games)
15 Android #17
16 Android #18
17 Perfect Cell
18 Future Trunks

-The Historical Characters- Volume 3
Release date: ???
A re-release of DBS’ ~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 4.
19 SSJ3 Goku
20 SSJ3 Gotenks
21 Majin Buu
22 Mr. Satan / Hercule
23 SSJ Vegito
24 Kid Buu

~ Extra Costume ~
Release date: September 2021
A Super Saiyan Goku
B Super Saiyan Gohan
C Trunks “On the day I set off with determination in my heart, I realise my father’s feelings”
D Vegeta “No words are necessary for the bond between parent and child. Sending a farewell signal to my departing son.”
E Goku (Battle Armour version) “Training in the “Room of Spirit and Time!” The challenge to surpass your own limits begins now!!”

WCF - DBZ Extra Costume - C, D and E boxes
WCF - DBZ Extra Costume - C, D and E

F Goku (Yardrat clothing version)

Dragonball Kai

Volume 1
Re-release of DBZ Volume 1, but with a metallic finish.
DBKAI001 Goku
DBKAI002 Piccolo
DBKAI003 Kid Gohan
DBKAI004 Raditz
DBKAI005 Yamcha
DBKAI006 Vegeta
DBKAI007 Nappa
DBKAI008 Saibaman

Volume 2
Re-release of DBZ Volume 2, but with a metallic finish.
DBKAI009 Goku (Kaioken)
DBKAI010 King Kai
DBKAI011 Bubbles
DBKAI012 Gohan (Pre-Namek)
DBKAI013 Krillin (Pre-Namek)
DBKAI014 Bulma (Pre-Namek Spacesuit)
DBKAI015 Chi Chi
DBKAI016 Ox King

Volume 3
Re-release of DBZ Volume 3, but with a metallic finish.
DBKAI017 Frieza First Form
DBKAI018 Zarbon
DBKAI019 Dodoria
DBKAI020 Recoome 
DBKAI021 Guldo
DBKAI022 Captain Ginyu
DBKAI023 Jeice
DBKAI024 Burter

Volume 4
Re-release of DBZ Volume 4, but with a metallic finish.
DBKAI025 Nail
DBKAI026 Guru
DBKAI027 Dende
DBKAI028 Ginyu Frog & Female Frog
DBKAI029 Frieza Third Form
DBKAI030 Frieza Final Form
DBKAI032 Bardock

Volume 5
DBKAI033 Chi Chi (Wedding Dress)
DBKAI034 Goku (Wedding Tuxedo)
DBKAI035 Gohan
DBKAI036 Farmer w/Gun
DBKAI037 Tapion
DBKAI038 King Yemma
DBKAI039 Pikkon
DBKAI040 Gogeta

Volume 6
DBKAI041 Captain Ginyu (Goku Body Switch)
DBKAI042 Frieza Second Form
DBKAI043 Krillin’s imagination Frieza
DBKAI044 Appule
DBKAI045 Zarbon Transformed
DBKAI046 Kuwi
DBKAI047 Cooler Final Form
DBKAI048 Turles

Volume 7
DBKAI049 Oozaru Vegeta
DBKAI050 Broly
DBKAI051 SSJ Broly
DBKAI052 Kami
DBKAI053 Mr. Popo
DBKAI054 Shenlong
DBKAI055 Porunga
DBKAI056 Hildegarn

~Episode of Boo~ Volume 1
Release date: January 2015
DBKBO001 Gohan
DBKBO002 Videl
DBKBO003 Mr. Satan / Hercule
DBKBO005 Majin Vegeta
DBKBO006 Dabura

~Episode of Boo~ Volume 2
Release date: March 2015
DBKBO007 Vegito
DBKBO008 Evil Buu
DBKBO009 SSJ Gotenks + Ghost
DBKBO010 SSJ Gohan
DBKBO011 Kibitoshin
DBKBO012 Elder Kai

Dragonball Z Battle of Gods

Volume 1
Release date: April 2013
DBBOG001 SSJ God Goku
DBBOG002 SS3 Goku
DBBOG003 Beerus
DBBOG004 Whis
DBBOG005 Vegeta
DBBOG006 Kid Pilaf
DBBOG007 Kid Shuu
DBBOG008 Kid Mai

Volume 2
Release date: January 2014
DBBOG009 Goku
DBBOG010 Chi Chi
DBBOG011 SSJ Vegeta
DBBOG012 Bulma
DBBOG013 Gohan
DBBOG014 Videl
DBBOG015 Trunks
DBBOG016 Kid Mai (embarrassed version)

Volume 3
Release date: February 2014
DBBOG017 Goten
DBBOG018 Oracle Fish
DBBOG019 Master Roshi
DBBOG020 Mr. Satan / Hercule
DBBOG021 Krillin
DBBOG022 Android #18 & Marron
DBBOG023 Piccolo (Karaoke)
DBBOG024 Beerus

Volume 4
Release date: March 2014
DBBOG025 SSJ God Goku (posed to fight version)
DBBOG026 Fat Majin Buu
DBBOG027 Tien
DBBOG028 Chiaotzu
DBBOG029 Great Saiyaman
DBBOG030 Yamcha and Puar
DBBOG031 Oolong
DBBOG032 Ox King
DBBOG033 Dragon Balls Prize

Dragonball Z Resurrection of F

Volume 1
Release date: May 2015
DBZF01 SSJ Blue Goku
DBZF02 SSJ Blue Vegeta
DBZF03 Gohan (track suit)
DBZF04 Piccolo
DBZF05 Krillin
DBZF06 Master Roshi

Volume 2
Release date: June 2015
DBZF07 Frieza (First Form)
DBZF08 Sorbet
DBZF09 Tagoma
DBZF10 Shisami
DBZF11 Frieza (Fourth Form)
DBZF12 Golden Frieza

Volume 3
Release date: July 2015
DBZF13 Goku
DBZF14 Vegeta
DBZF15 Tien
DBZF16 Jaco
DBZF17 Bulma
DBZF18 Cyborg Frieza (Cocoon)

Dragonball Super

Volume 1
Release date: February 2016
DBSUPER002 Vegeta
DBSUPER003 Champa
DBSUPER004 Vados
DBSUPER005 Supreme Kai
DBSUPER006 Kibito

Volume 2
Release date: April 2016
DBSUPER008 King Kai
DBSUPER009 Mr. Satan / Hercule
DBSUPER010 Majin Buu
DBSUPER011 Korrin
DBSUPER012 Yajirobe

Volume 3
Release date: May 2016
DBSUPER014 SSJ Blue Goku  
DBSUPER015 SSJ Blue Vegeta
DBSUPER018 Grandpa Gohan

Volume 4
Release date: March 2017
DBSUPER019 SSJ Blue Goku (ki rising)
DBSUPER021 Monaka
DBSUPER022 Frost
DBSUPER023 Cabba

Volume 5
Release date: May 2017
Barcode: 3296580259915
DBSUPER025 SSJ Blue Goku
DBSUPER026 Vegeta with pacifier

WCF Figures - DBSUPER026 Box
WCF Figures - DBSUPER026 Vegeta with pacifier

DBSUPER027 Clone Vegeta
DBSUPER029 Zen-Oh’s attendant

Volume 6
Release date: June 2017
Barcode: 3296580261536
DBSUPER031 Future trunks
DBSUPER032 Future Mai
DBSUPER033 Goku Black
DBSUPER034 Zamasu
DBSUPER035 Future Gohan
DBSUPER036 Future Kid Trunks

WCF Figures - DBSUPER036 Box
WCF Figures - DBSUPER036 Future Trunks

Volume 7
Release date: July 2017
DBSUPER037 SSJ Rose Goku Black
DBSUPER038 SSJ God Zamasu (fused)
DBSUPER039 SSJ Blue Vegito
DBSUPER040 SSJ Future Trunks
DBSUPER041 Gowasu
DBSUPER042 High Priest

Volume 8
Barcode: 3296580837038
DBSUPER043 SSJ Blue Goku (Baseball)
DBSUPER044 Yamcha (Baseball)
DBSUPER045 SSJ Blue Vegeta (Baseball)

WCF Figures - DBSUPER044 & DBSUPER045 Boxes
WCF Figures - DBSUPER044 SSJ Blue Vegeta (Baseball) & DBSUPER045 Yamcha (Baseball)

DBSUPER047 Botamo
DBSUPER048 Magetta

Volume 9
DBSUPER049 SSJ Blue Goku
DBSUPER050 SSJ Blue Vegeta
DBSUPER051 Gohan
DBSUPER052 Golden Frieza
DBSUPER053 Legendary SSJ Kale
DBSUPER054 Jiren

Volume 10
DBSUPER060 SSJ Blue Goku

~Freeza Special~Volume 1
Release date: October 2015
DBSUPERFS001 Dodoria
DBSUPERFS002 Frieza (First Form)
DBSUPERFS004 Raspberry
DBSUPERFS005 Frieza (Second Form)
DBSUPERFS006 Frieza (Third Form)

~Freeza Special~Volume 2
Release date: November 2015
DBSUPERFS008 Frieza (Full Power)
DBSUPERFS009 Golden Frieza
DBSUPERFS010 Cyborg Frieza
DBSUPERFS011 King Cold
DBSUPERFS012 Blueberry

~Z Warriors~
Release date: January 2016
DBSUPERZ001 SSJ Blue Goku (ki rising) 
DBSUPERZ002 SSJ Blue Vegeta (ki rising)
DBSUPERZ003 Beerus
DBSUPERZ005 SSJ Gohan (track suit)
DBSUPERZ006 Piccolo

~Prince Vegeta~
Release date: August 2016
Barcode: 3296580252275
DBSUPERPV01 Vegeta (octopus)
DBSUPERPV02 Vegeta (kneeling)
DBSUPERPV03 Vegeta (orange Apron)
DBSUPERPV04 Vegeta (pink apron) 
DBSUPERPV05 Vegeta (gasping)
DBSUPERPV06 Vegeta (cleaning)


~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 1
Release date: October 2016
Kid Goku & Nimbus
Master Roshi
Yamcha & Puar
Genaral Tao

~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 2
Release date: November 2016
Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)
Frieza (Fourth Form)
Captain Ginyu

~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 3
Release date: December 2016
SSJ Goku
SSJ Gohan (Cell Games)
Android #17
Android #18
Perfect Cell
Future Trunks

~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 4
Release date: December 2016
SSJ3 Goku
SSJ3 Gotenks
Majin Buu
Mr. Satan / Hercule
SSJ Vegito
Kid Buu

~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 5
Release date: January 2017
God Ki Goku
SSJ Vegeta
Golden Frieza

~Anime 30th Anniversary~ Volume 6
Release date: February 2017
SSJ Blue Goku
SSJ Blue Vegeta
Goku (blue gi)

~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 5
Release date: ???
Continues on from DBZ’s ~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 4.
DBSBS25 Beerus
DBSBS26 Super Saiyan God Goku
DBSBS27 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku
DBSBS28 Super Saiyan Vegeta
DBSBS29 Super Saiyan Cabba

~Battle of Saiyans~ Volume 6
Release date: ???
DBSBS31 Goku Ultra Instinct
DBSBS32 Super Saiyan 2 Kefla
DBSBS33 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta
DBSBS34 Toppo
DBSBS35 Super Saiyan Future Trunks “I protect the world! With firm determination in my heart. Challenge the powerful enemy “Black”!”

WCF Figures - DBSBS35 Box
WCF Figures - DBSBS35

DBSBS36 Goku Black

Dragonball Super Broly

Volume 1
SSJ God Vegeta

Volume 2
SSJ Blue Goku
SSJ Broly
King Vegeta
Young Radditz

Volume 3
Young Broly
Young Goku
SSJ Blue Gogeta
Legendary SSJ Broly
Young Vegeta

Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle

~5th Anniversary~
1 SSJ Goku
2 SSJ2 Goku
3 SSJ3 Goku
4 SSJ4 Goku
5 SSJ Blue Goku

Super Dragonball Heroes

~7th Anniversary~
SDBH01 SSJ God Note
SDBH02 Xeno Goku
SDBH03 Bardock
SDBH04 Xeno Trunks
SDBH05 Darkness Towa

Volume 2
SDBH06 SSJ3 Xeno Goku
SDBH07 SSJ Gotenks
SDBH08 Xeno Vegeta
SDBH09 SSJ3 Xeno Trunks
SDBH10 Broly

Volume 3
SDBH11 SSJ4 Xeno Goku
SDBH12 SSJ4 Xeno Vegeta
SDBH13 SSJ4 Gogeta
SDBH14 Mira (Towa absorbed)
SDBH15 SSJ4 Gohan

Volume 4
SDBH16 SSJ Blue Xeno Goku
SDBH17 SSJ Blue Vegito
SDBH18 SSJ3 Bardock
SDBH19 SSJ Blue Trunks
SDBH20 Cumber

Volume 5
SDBH21 Fused Zamasu
SDBH23 SSJ Instinct Goku
SDBH24 SSJ Oozaru Cumber
SDBH25 SSJ4 Bardock

Volume 6
Release date: May 2019
SDBH26 SSJ God Goku
SDBH27 Majin Demigra
SDBH28 Robelu
SDBH29 SSJ3 Gogeta
SDBH30 Android #21

Volume 7
Release date: August 2019
SDBH31 Goku Ultra Instinct
SDBH32 SSJ3 Cumber
SDBH33 Zamasu
SDBH34 SSJ3 Gogeta
SDBH35 Chronoa

The first time I saw these was in a claw machine in Sydney in 2009. I’m terrible in getting boxes out of a claw machine, so I failed to get any. I was really into Chibi’s back then, and I liked how the more unusual characters had gotten some merchandise. When I was back home I ordered some full sets.

However now I think they may be bootlegs, due to quality and markings compared to the later ones. I’m not hundred percent certain, as quality does change over the years, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I also didn’t get any boxes with them so.

I’ve since bought some of the later ones, starting with DBZ-04 young Vegeta at Forbidden Planet in the UK. It’s hard to find any merchandise of young prince Vegeta, so I really wanted this one, despite it being a Chibi and I’m no longer a fan of those. I then followed up with the Prince Vegeta line, as they are so funny! I’m not a big fan of Dragonball Super, but it has provided some good moments. I got the DBZPV05 first in a shop in Newcastle, my favourite of the bunch. I found a shop in London that was selling them in a deal if you bought 5, so that’s how I ended up with the rest. When I saw the Extra Costume Trunks and Vegeta announced online I knew I needed to get them. But I never saw them for sale. I think they’re a Japanese exclusive. I nearly gave up on them until I saw a little online UK shop having them in. Unfortunately it meant buying the small lot, so I ended up with a few extras I didn’t care for. At least it provided pictures for here, and I’m selling them now.
When I found the Treasure Rally being re-released here, I tried to get a few I liked, but only found the Great Saiyaman so far. Due to his funny nature I find the Chibi style fits him.

Thinning out the collection, and it being impossible to get all of these anyway, I have decided to only keep my favourites. So some of these will go. However, I wanted to catalogue them here first.

There are still some I would like. Especially the rest of the Prince Vegeta line, as well as the Boss Frieza line and King Vegeta. Maybe I will get these some day too.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any of these figures? Which one is your fav? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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