Dragonball Z Collector Capsule – Irwin Toy

Series: Dragonball Z

Company: Irwin Toy

Release: 2000-2001

Size: 10.5 cm

Main distribution: Europe / Worldwide

These are Collector Capsules with Die Cast vehicles and tiny figures of Dragonball Z, made by Irwin Toy and licensed by FUNimation.

The figures came in a blister pack. The plastic is shaped like the Capsule Corp logo. The back showed the entire line (which I’ve kept one of).

The Collector Capsule is big and transparent, and supposed to look like a capsule from the show where a vehicle poofs out off. The shape and colour looks nothing like the ones from the animation, but has its big shape so the vehicle and figure can fit inside, and is see-through so you can see what’s inside I guess. You had to push the button to open it. They’re all the same, except for the coloured sticker with number around it.

The Vehicles are die-cast, made out of metal and have therefor quite some weight. Most of them open up so the figure can sit inside.

The figures are tiny so they can fit inside the vehicles.

I have 4 out of 9.

Bulma’s Anti-Gravity Car

Capsule 61 comes with Bulma and her Anti-Gravity Car. Bulma appears to be from the Imperfect Cell Saga, when they found Cell’s egg and shed skin as well as a second time machine. She wears an orange training outfit and a Capsule Corp cap.

The glass roof made out of plastic of the vehicle opens up with a hinge in the back, so the figure can sit inside.

The figure can fit inside perfectly and the vehicle can close fine with her inside. The vehicle’s paint job is okay. The figure, not so much. Especially the face / her eyes have issues!

The bottom of the vehicle has the branding. On the left wing it reads in raised font: © 2001 B. S./S., T.A. Licensed by FUN®. On the right wing it reads in raised font: Irwin China.

King Cold’s Spaceship

Capsule 948 comes with King Cold and his Spaceship. He’s from the Trunks Saga, as he arrives on Earth with Cyborg Frieza to carry out revenge, until Trunks slices them up.

The top half of the spaceship opens up by a hinge on the back. The figure fits inside the ship. Although it can’t stay upright when closed, he fits fine and the spaceship closes if you lay him flat inside. Again, the paint job on the vehicle is great, but the figure is a bit sloppy.

The bottom of the spaceship has the branding. It reads in raised font: © 2001 B. S./S., T.A. Licensed by FUN® Irwin China.

Goku’s Family Car

Capsule 1172 comes with Goku and his family car. I don’t recall this vehicle though from the show… Goku is sporting his trademark orange and blue gi.

As it’s an open roof car, the figure just slides inside. The paint on the vehicle looks great, Goku has seen better… The glass at the front is made out of plastic.

The bottom of the car has the branding. It reads in raised font: © 2001 B. S./S., T.A. Licensed by FUN® Irwin China.

Trunk’s Time Capsule

Capsule 1 comes with Trunks and Time Machine. For some reason they called him Trunk and it’s a Time Capsule… This played a role from the Trunks Saga all the way to the Perfect Cell Saga. Trunks wears his trademark purple jacket.

The top half can be removed from the Time Machine so Trunks can sit inside. The paint job on the Time Machine is great, but Trunks’ not so much. The Time Machine has a lot of plastic bits on it, and can be taken apart in pieces unlike the other Vehicles.

The bottom of the Time Machine has the branding. Unlike the other vehicles, the branding is written on it in black. It reads © 2000 B. S./S., T.A. Licensed by FUN.® Irwin., China. Perhaps it’s from an earlier release?

I always loved Akira Toriyama’s crazy vehicle designs. And the highlight of these is definitely the vehicles! They’re die-cast with a nice weight to it, and they feel more like a collectable than a toy. The tiny figures, cute as they are, have sloppy paint and look derpy, and the capsules are plastic shells that are a pain to open. But the vehicles I love.

Due to the use of metal and being so small, they remind me of Micro Machines. They also feel so sturdy, that their plastic parts feel fragile. They somehow survived 20+ years though so not that fragile!

I always wanted to get Vegeta’s Saiyan Capsule. Maybe one day I’ll find the rest for cheap.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any of these figures? Which one is your fav? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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