3D Mario Collection – Tomy

3D Mario Collection by Tomy

Company: Tomy / T-Arts

Year: 2019

Size: +/- 5cm

Main distribution: Japan / Europe

Barcode: 796714679358

These are little buildable Super Mario figures. They are distributed via Gashapon in Japan, and blind boxes / gashapon balls in Europe.

3D Mario Collection by Tomy European Gashapon ball

This is the European version. It comes in a brown Gashapon ball and was sold as a “blind box”. You can spot parts through the little holes though.

3D Mario Collection by Tomy European Gashapon ball opened

Inside is the figure in pieces in clear plastic and the leaflet showing the entire line as a checklist.

I’ve only found 1 volume so far, with 4 figures.

Volume 1

Volume 1 exists out of 4 figures; Mario Fire Flower, Peach and Toad, Wiggler and Bowser Jr.

I got 1/4.

Bowser Jr.

3D Mario Collection by Tomy Volume 1 Bowser Jr.

Boswer Jr is in the Clown Car and he’s holding a Bomb-omb ready to throw down. He floats via a transparent rod and sits on a green base. The figure is quite detailed and the paintjob is great. It comes in 3 pieces, the main figure, the rod and the base. The branding is under the base. In raised font it reads: TM&©2019 Nintendo. T-ARTS MADE IN VIETNAM. Above it in black is printed: L67935 A0521LEI01 TOMY UK: EX2 5AZ EU: CS70358, Archamps. FR. I assume the later is printed on the European releases only.

Super Mario World is my favourite Mario game. Finding merchandise specifically for that though is hard. But when I saw this little Gashapon set with Wiggler in it I wanted to get it. Wiggler made his debut in Super Mario World.

I peaked through the little holes of all the available ones in the hopes to spot Wiggler. I found Peach and Toad easily. But the rest was harder to find. I saw a little shoe and figured that was Wiggler, so bought it, but it turned out it was Bowser Jr. The shoe I saw was from the Bomb-omb. Ah well.

I’m trying to limit my collections and thin out a bit again, and I have no need for Bowser Jr, so I’ll be looking to trade him for Wiggler or sell him. I won’t collect all of them, as I’m only after Wiggler really. But we’ll see if other volumes come out with ones I like as well.

They retail for 300 yen in Japan, and £4.99 in the UK.

If you like the Mario franchise, these are really nice and detailed and not expensive. If you like bigger or articulated figures, you might want to give these a miss.

If anyone would like to trade let me know.

Got any more details / information? Did I get something wrong? Do you own the same figures or the full series? Let me know in the comments below!

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