Super Mario Soap Dispenser – Nintendo

Super Mario Soap Dispenser by Nintendo

Serie: Super Mario

Company: Nintendo

Year: 2023

Main distribution: Japan

Barcode: 4943777923638

This is a soap dispenser from Super Mario, shaped like a question mark block and dispenses a foam star.

Super Mario Soap Dispenser by Nintendo - unboxed

The soap dispenser is made from plastic. The main part where the soap is stored is shaped like a question mark block. 2 sides have a ? and 2 sides have Super Mario on it. The top has the soap dispenser and the bottom is blank. The soap dispenser is white, has a locking ring and the end part has a star shape on it. The soap dispenser foams the liquid soap and the special star shape will dispense a star shape of soap foam on your hand. Besides a © Nintendo under the Mario image there is no further branding. The box states it’s an official Nintendo licensed product.

Apart from collectables, I also have house wares of my favourite franchises. I think it’s important to surround yourself with things you like and things you work with. This also applies to the every day life!

I found this Super Mario soap dispenser in a Japanese shop in Sydney, Australia. I thought it was quirky. I know Japan has some cool soap dispensers, like Disney dispenses 3 circle Mickeys, and there are animal paw print ones. I thought the Mario one would be exclusive for the parks or something, but I guess not.

I bought it and brought it back as I love foam soap. We already have a duck one (the bottle is shaped like a duck, it dispenses foam through its mouth but no shape) but a Mario one dispensing stars would be awesome. I imagine this makes it more fun for kids too.

I love practical merchandise and they are cool conversation starters, so this now lives in our bathroom.

If you like practical merchandise, or Nintendo / Mario, you’ll like this.
If you’re more into figures or collectables, you’ll give this a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own geeky house wares? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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