Kirby Bath Ball – Nintendo

Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo

Company: Nintendo

Release: 2014+

Size:  1.5cm

Main distribution: Japan

This is a series of bath balls with Kirby figurines.

So far there are 4 sets out so far. There is also a glittery one that is not listed here.

The bath bomb with figure comes in a blind bag, so you can’t tell which one you get prior. When opening the blind bag you’ll find the bath bomb tightly wrapped in clear plastic, which you need to remove before throwing it in the water. The ball is plain, with a line running through the centre. Which is a shame, as it could easily have a Kirby face…

Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo - Bath Ball from series 3

Although you can dissolve them in a bowl of hot water to get the toy out, I don’t like wastage so I ran myself a bath.

It fizzes mostly, and does not create any bubbles like normal bubble bath stuff would. Mine didn’t colour the water that particular, but it is a very light blue colour (#3). It has a strong smell. Slowly the figure is revealed. It doesn’t take that long for the entire bath bomb to dissolve, about a minute. The bath is ok, the smell was strong but doesn’t linger on you for long.

The figure feels quite nice and of high quality. It has a nice shine to it, and doesn’t feel so rubbery as some other bath bomb figures do. It’s also quite small (which I find adorable).

Kirby Bath Ball

Release: November 2014

Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo - Set 1

This set has 5 figures to collect; Kirby standing, Kirby in a pool ring, Kirby sitting on a Warp Star with eyes open and Kirby sitting on a Warp Star with eyes closed, as well as a secret figure which is Meta Knight.

The packaging is light blue, and has Kirby sitting and waving on it.

The bath ball is yellow.

I got 0/5.

Kirby Bath Ball 2

Release: April 2020

Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo - Set 2

This set has 5 figures to collect; Sleep, Maxim Tomato, Hovering and Waddle Dee as well as a secret figure which is Cannon Kirby.

The packaging is light purple, and has Kirby flying on it.

The bath ball is pink and smells like apple.

I got 0/5.

Kirby Bath Ball 3

Release: April 2020
Barcode: 4544815060898

Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo - Set 3

This set has 5 figures to collect; Friends Heart, Suck, Clean and Doze as well as a secret figure which is King Dedede.

The packaging is light pink, and has Kirby sucking on it.

Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo - Set 3 packaging

The bath ball is light blue and smells like ramune.

I got 1/5; Doze.


Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo - Set 3 Doze

Doze is Kirby rubbing his head, with 1 eye closed and a ~ shaped mouth. He is in his iconic pink colour with red shoes and modern blue eyes.
On his back is the branding. It reads in black ©Nintendo/HAL.

Kirby Bath Ball 4

Release: August 2023

Kirby Bath Ball by Nintendo - Set 4

This set has 4 figures to collect; Warm, Smile, Osumashi and Waddle Dee.

The packaging is pink, and has Kirby running with his bath stuff on it, as well as Kirby and Waddle Dee in the water on the background.

I got 0/4.

I’ve grown found of these Japanese bath bombs with figures inside. They are such high quality! And the baths are quite nice too.

I wasn’t going for the Kirby ones initially. Kirby always seems to be in the same poses and there’s only so many Kirby I want.

I had missed the first wave, but all the Kirby seem quite standard. I had missed the second wave too, and although I’d love a Cannon Kirby, I already got the Hugcot Kirby one. A sleepy one is cute, but again there’s many of these out there. When the fourth wave became available, I found the third too. Again, I wasn’t really fussed. Kirby in the bath doesn’t seem particular game based, and the third wave seemed quite standard again. However, when I found one available, I figured I’d give it a try. I would like a Dedede, and the one with the heart is cute too.

I ended up with Doze. He’s quite cute, and I didn’t have a Kirby in this pose yet. But I was surprised at how tiny he is! Only 1.5cm! The packaging says the figures are 3cm, but mine isn’t. Maybe because Doze is sitting? He does look to be the smallest of the set. But it’s now the cutest and tiniest Kirby I got.

I wonder if I should have gotten more of them now… But I’m not sure I can still get them. I might get another of the third set to try for Dedede again. And if not at least I can compare the Kirby sizes.

If you like cute or small Kirby figures, I recommend getting these. They are nice quality.
If you like bath bombs for the bath itself, these are nice. They have a strong smell.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own these figures? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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