Hugcot Kirby – Bandai

Hugcot Kirby by Bandai

Company: Bandai

Release: 2020+

Size: +/- 4.5 cm

Main distribution: Japan / USA / UK (Gashapon machines)

This is a little Gashapon line of Kirby that hug cables (Hugcot), distributed in Gashapon machines by Bandai.

2 series of 6 have been released so far, making 12 figures total. I got 2/12.

The figures come in pink transparent balls so you can see which one you got without opening it.

Hugcot Kirby by Bandai - in capsules

Each figure is individually wrapped in plastic, and comes with a black and white leaflet.

Hugcot Kirby by Bandai - in packaging

Hugcot Kirby 1

Release: July 2023 (US / UK)

Hugcot Kirby 1 by Bandai

The first set exists out of 6 figures; Waddle Dee (Stumble), Waddle Dee (Dash), Kirby (Dash), Kirby (Caught), Kirby (Warp Star) and Kirby (Cannon).

I got 2/6.

Each figure comes with a leaflet. The leaflet is in Japanese, despite getting it in the UK and the front of the machine having an English print. It’s also in black and white, potentially to save costs.

Hugcot Kirby 1 by Bandai - Leaflet

Kirby (Dash)

Hugcot Kirby 1 by Bandai - Kirby (Dash)

Kirby (Dash) is Kirby dashing away, running with a little puff of smoke or a cloud behind him. The cloud has little pastel stars on it. The cable can run through under the cloud. The branding is underneath on the cloud and reads in raised font: © N / H B. and the 4 dots of Bandai 2492702.

Kirby (Cannon)

Hugcot Kirby 1 by Bandai - Kirby (Cannon)

Kirby (Cannon) is Kirby sitting in a cannon, peeking out from the top, wearing a little yellow helmet. The cable can run through the back of the cannon. The branding is underneath on the cannon and reads in raised font: © N / H B. and the 4 dots of Bandai 2492702.

Hugcot Kirby 2

Release: 13 October 2020 (JPN)

Hugcot Kirby 2 by Bandai

The second set also exists out of 6 figures; Kirby (Warp Star), Waddle Dee (Sleep), Kirby (Sleep), U.F.O. Kirby, Kirby and Waddle Dee.

I got 0/6.

I went back to the Gashapon store as I just love them too much, and they had this new Kirby series. The mark up is a bit extortionate (you have to buy special coins for the machines, which are £2 each. Then each machine, depending on what’s inside, take a different amount of coins). These took x2 so £4 a try (which is the cheapest here). Considering these are ¥300 in Japan that is a bit more (especially now that the yen is quite low), but not too bad.

I only really like Kirby (Cannon) of this set, as it reminds me of the SNES game Kirby Super Star.

Screenshot of Kirby Super Star, with Kirby sat in a cannon
Kirby Super Star © Nintendo

But what are the chances I would get it? I didn’t care for the others. My other half decided to try and got Kirby (Dash). Not the worst out of the bunch (my 3rd fav here) but not what we were after. He decided to keep it and try again. And gets another Kirby (Dash)! Not happy with a dupe we try again and this time got Kirby (Cannon)!

Icon of Kirby Cannon used in Kirby Super Star
Kirby Super Star © Nintendo

The figure is quite solid and heavy, not rubberlike like I was expecting. It makes a great little display figure. I had been looking at other Kirby Cannon merchandise for a while but it’s all so big and this little figure is perfect.

I don’t care for the other figures so probably won’t be getting any more of this line. The dupe Kirby (Dash) is also for sale if anyone would like it.

Overall this series is cute and the figures are very nice quality and feel solid. Not sure about using them on cables, mine aren’t that thin and the figures might be a bit heavy for it?

If you like Gashapon and/or Kirby, you’ll like this series. Be advised they may be expensive depending where you find them.
If you prefer larger or articulated toys, you might give these a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own these figures? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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