RingColle! Miffy Ring – Bandai

RingColle! Miffy Ring by Bandai

Company: Bandai

Release: 2024

Size:  House 5cm, Ring 3cm

Main distribution: Japan / USA / UK (gachapon machines)

RingColle! is a Gachapon line of various rings to collect. This is the Miffy Ring.

They come in yellow Gachapon capsules from a Gachapon machine. Despite being transparent, you can’t see what ring you got as they all come in the same house “ringbox”, which is all you’ll see in the capsule.

RingColle! Miffy Ring by Bandai - capsule

Inside the capsule you’ll find the house wrapped in plastic.

RingColle! Miffy Ring by Bandai - Miffy House ringbox closed

It is a small, miniature house of Miffy, white with a window on one side and an orange roof. On the back is a hinge so that you can open the house “ringbox” by lifting the roof.

RingColle! Miffy Ring by Bandai - Miffy House ringbox open

The branding is on the bottom of the inside and reads in a raised font: © Mercis bv 2707106 B. CHINA and the 4 dots of Bandai.

Inside the house you’ll find the ring wrapped in plastic. The house is completely empty, there’s no insert for the ring.

5 different rings can be collected.

I got 1/5.

Miffy (yellow)

RingColle! Miffy Ring by Bandai - Miffy (yellow) ring

Miffy (yellow) is a ring with on top a sitting Miffy, wearing a yellow dress. The ring isn’t closed and can be widened.
The branding is on the back of Miffy, and reads in raised font: © Mercis.

I’m not a fan of the RingColle! line. I don’t really wear rings, and I prefer figures. They also look often childish, and I figured the bands would be small, despite being adjustable.

And despite loving Miffy, I admittedly liked the tiny house box more than the rings. So when these appeared in my local gachapon shop, I got one just for the house. I didn’t mind which ring I would get, but I guess Snuffy or Boris would have been preferred. I ended up with the yellow wearing Miffy.

I got a Tamagotchi RingColle!, so I knew what to expect in terms of size. And surprisingly this one fits me too (or not that surprisingly, I have tiny hands).

RingColle! Miffy Ring by Bandai - Miffy (yellow) ring worn

And although it does look cute, I don’t see myself practically wearing it. Maybe I can remove the tiny Miffy somehow off the ring though and use it as a tiny figure…

If you like Gacha, rings, Miffy or miniatures you’ll like these.
If you prefer bigger stuff or not jewellery, you’ll give these a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any (Miffy) RingColle!? Which one is your fav? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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