RingColle! Tamagotchi Ring Collection – Bandai

RingColle! Tamagotchi Ring Collection by Bandai

Company: Bandai

Release: 2023

Size:  Packaging 6cm, Ring 2cm

Main distribution: Japan

RingColle! is a Gachapon line of various rings to collect. This is the Tamagotchi Ring Collection.

They come in Gachapon capsules from a Gachapon machine and are wrapped in plastic.

The Tamagotchi rings themselves are made to look like original Tamagotchi packaging, with the ring band sticking out behind. The packaging can be carefully opened to remove the ring and the ring can be placed back inside if careful.

12 different rings can be collected; 6 different Tamagotchi designs and 12 different sprites.

I got 1/12.


RingColle! Tamagotchi Ring Collection by Bandai - Marutchi

Marutchi is the child stage character from Gen 1, the original Tamagotchi. The sprite of it is in a neutral position in the middle of the screen. The shell is a pastel blue with purple numbers and pink buttons. It has relief giving it a realistic look.
The packaging looks exactly like the original Japanese packaging did back in the 90s. The branding is on the back of the packaging, and reads in white 2694405 B.CHINA the 4 dots of Bandai © BANDAI.

I’m not a fan of the RingColle! line. I don’t really wear rings, and I prefer figures. They also look often childish, and I figured the bands would be small, despite being adjustable.

When I saw the Tamagotchi Ring Collection though, I kinda wanted one. I wanted a tiny Tamagotchi for ages for my figures. I figured I might be able to get it off the ring.
I contemplated for a while but eventually bought 1. I didn’t care very much which one I would get. All the sprites are from Gen 1, my favourite, and none of the shells look like my childhood one, so any would do. Although I prefer the blue ones.

So I was quite glad to have gotten a blue one. In the mean time though I got an even smaller Tamagotchi, funnily enough in the same shell. That one probably works better for my figures, so I guess I no longer need the ring one. But I could still use it maybe for bigger figures or for perspective shots.

That said the ring is actually quite cool and surprisingly fits me (or not that surprisingly, I have tiny hands). I would wear it to a 90s party.
It’s a funny and cool piece to have, although I wouldn’t get more of them.

If you like Gacha, rings, Tamagotchi or miniatures you’ll like these.
If you prefer bigger stuff, not jewellery, or working Tamagotchi, you’ll give these a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any (Tamagotchi) RingColle!? Which one is your fav? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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