Foodie Mini Brands! – Zuru

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru

Company: Zuru

Release: 2022+

Size: Various (<5cm)

Main distribution: UK / Europe / Australia / America

This is a blind ball series by Zuru with miniatures of real life brands, hence the name Mini Brands! This particular line is the Foodie version; Foodie Mini Brands!

Several Mini Brands lines have come out; Mini Brands (grocery shopping articles), Mini Brands Disney Store (Disney Store articles), Mini Fashion (clothing and accessories), Foodie Mini Brands (fast food), Toy Mini Brands (toys), Mini Brands Books (books) and Mini Brands Sneakers (shoes) amongst others.

Here I’ll list the Foodie Mini Brands.

Each Blind Ball splits in 2 halves and holds 5 items. There are no dupes within these 5, and 1 item is a piece for the overall food court (sauces, bag, drink dispenser, order machine, menu, register, tray). It also comes with a small leaflet that acts as a Collector’s Guide / checklist.

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru opened

There are various “categories” like drinks, snacks & sides, mains, and food court items, as well as rarities such as super rare, golden super rare, ultra rare frozen moments and  scented ones.

Series 1
Release: 30 July 2022

Series 1 Blind Balls are pink with a white wrapper.

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru Series 1 Collector's Guide
Series 1 Collector’s Guide

Series 1 exists out of 18 drinks, 16 snacks & sides, 26 mains, 9 food court items and 3 frozen moments; totalling 72 items to collect.

I got 5/72.

14 Soda (Subway)

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru Series 1 - 14 Soda

45 Footlong Quarter Pound Coney (Sonic)

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru Series 1 - 45 Footlong Quarter Pound Coney

49 Miso Soup (Itsu)

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru Series 1 - 49 Miso Soup

50 Avo Baby Rolls (Itsu)

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru Series 1 - 50 Avo Baby Rolls

72 Tray

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru Series 1 - 72 Tray

Series 2
Release: 1 July 2023

Series 2 Blind Balls are white with a pink wrapper.

Foodie Mini Brands! by Zuru Series 2 Collector's Guide
Series 2 Collector’s Guide

Series 2 exists out of 18 drinks, 40 mains, 3 frozen moments, 8 scented minis, 20 snacks & sides and 10 food court items; totalling 99 items to collect.

I got 0/99.

I love miniature things, let alone if they’re realistic or mimicking the real world. And food is nice to gain in a blind box, as dupes wouldn’t be that bad to have. However, I never bothered with these as they are quite expensive (RRP £6~8).

I thought these were random meals like pizza or something, but when I found they were real fast food chains that tickled something in me. So I bought one to check them out.

I’m very happy I got lots of Itsu (love Japanese food) and the tray is handy and probably the best as far as food court items go. The Subway soda is nice but quite large, and seems out of scale with the rest. I never heard of Sonic (think it’s American?) so I got nothing with the long hotdog. I might trade it in the future, but as a food item it’s still quite nice. I like these for my figures to play with so they make nice props.

I think I prefer series 1 over series 2, as it has more brands I’m familiar with and food I prefer. I might get some more if I see them on sale, but I won’t be in a rush to buy them. I’d like to get the Hard Rock Café drinks though, and the Subway and Itsu items.

If you love miniatures, or fast food, you might like these. They are expensive though and you’ll likely need to trade.
If you prefer bigger stuff, you want to give these a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any Mini Brands? Which one is your fav? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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