Ojizo-san – Yell

Ojizo-san by Yell

Company: Yell

Size: +/- 2.5 cm

Main distribution: Japan

Barcode: 4573553072078

These are little blind boxes of animal Jizo statues.

These come in little Blind Boxes. The front of the box shows a little scene. The sides of the box shows the figures you can get in that volume. Figures come wrapped in bubble-plastic.

There are no markings on the figures.

5 volumes of 6 figures have come out, resulting in 30 different figures. Each volume has 5 Jizo and 1 Kasa Jizo.

I got 1/30.

Vol. 1

Ojizo-san by Yell, Vol. 1

Volume 1 exists out of 6 figures.

I got 0/6.

Vol. 2

Ojizo-san by Yell, Vol. 2

Volume 2 exists out of 6 figures.

I got 0/6.

Vol. 3

Ojizo-san by Yell, Vol. 3

Volume 3 exists out of 6 figures.

I got 0/6.

Vol. 4

Ojizo-san by Yell, Vol. 4

Volume 4 exists out of 6 figures.

I got 0/6.

Vol. 5

Ojizo-san by Yell, Vol. 5

Volume 5 exists out of 6 figures.

I got 1/6.

1. Long-tailed Tit Jizo

Ojizo-san by Yell, Vol. 5 1. Long-tailed Tit Jizo

The long-tailed tit Jizo stands in a praying position, with its wingtips touching each other as if praying, and its eyes closed. It looks peaceful. It has a nice stone texture and a red cloth around its shoulders.

2. Rabbit Jizo

3. Koala Jizo

4. Deer Jizo

5. Bear Jizo

6. Tiger Kasa Jizo

I saw these and thought they were cute. I had never heard of these before. And turned out it wasn’t that expensive either compared to other Gashapon. So I bought a box.

I didn’t care that much which one I would get, I just thought they be cute with our plants. I really liked the bird, so I’m happy I got that one. I also would have liked the Bear, or the Deer or Rabbit.

The quality of the figure is really nice. The stone texture looks very real. The red cloth is a nice touch, although the painting of it could be slightly better.

If you like miniatures, little scenes and/or gashapon / blind boxes, you’ll love this set.
If you hate gashapon / blind boxes, you’ll want to give this one a miss.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own these figures? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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