Pokémon Figure Collection – Tomy

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy

Set: Pokémon Figure Collection

Company: Tomy / Nintendo

Year: 2000

Size: 5cm

Main distribution: Japan / United Kingdom

The Pokémon Figure Collection, also known as “Dome Figures” in the Pokémon community due to the dome shaped cases they are in, are small Pokémon figures on a round coloured base with a transparant dome over them. They were distributed in Gashapon machines and are official Nintendo licensed products. These were made by Tomy. They came in various parts or series.

The name is fairly non descriptive, simply being ‘Figure Collection’, so you mostly find these under “Dome Figures” or “Cased Figures”. They might have a different name in Japan, as ‘Figure Collection’ is what they were called in the United Kingdom by Tomy UK. I’ll list them as found in the UK here, as I’m not sure if they would be the same in Japan.

The bases come in various colours; blue, yellow, purple, pink, green etc. It is possible to find the same Pokémon on a different coloured base. I was not able to open them, but I also didn’t try very hard as I don’t want to break them. The domes are prone to scratches and breakage, so you can also find these figures loose on the second hand market. Both the dome and base have holes in them, assuming to prevent chocking should they be swallowed.

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy back of leaflet

What’s cool about these is they also stack. On the bottom of the base is a small pin that fits in the hole on the top of the dome. Angled plastic on the bottom of the base also keeps it balanced on the round dome.

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy bottom of base

The branding is on the bottom of the base as well. It reads in raised font: TM&© 2000 Nintendo MADE IN CHINA.

The sets came out in various parts or series. I’m not sure how many were made, but there are definitely 6 as I have found the leaflets for these. Each figure came with a leaflet that showed what series they were from and which others were in the set. On the back it explained how they came in their own display case and that they stacked, as well as the legal information.

So far I found 6 series of 8 figures, totalling 48 figures. I have 7/48.

Part 1

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy Part 1

Part 1 existed out of 8 figures; #01 Bulbasaur, #04 Charmander, #25 Pikachu, #39 Jigglypuff, #113 Chansey, #131 Lapras, #132 Ditto and #133 Eevee.

I got 3/8; Bulbasaur, Ditto and Eevee.

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy Bulbasaur, Ditto and Eevee

My Bulbasaur comes on a purple base, my Ditto on a yellow base and my Eevee on a light blue base. The figures are all quite “retro” and chunky looking and are nicely painted.

Part 2

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy Part 2

Part 2 also existed out of 8 figures; #25 Pikachu, #37 Vulpix, #52 Meowth, #54 Psyduck, #79 Slowpoke, #116 Horsea, #151 Mew and Togepi.
Note how Togepi was so ‘new’ still he didn’t have a Pokédex number (#175) yet!

I got 2/8; Slowpoke and Mew.

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy Slowpoke and Mew

My Slowpoke comes on a yellow base and my Mew also comes on a yellow base. The figures are all quite “retro” and chunky looking and are nicely painted.

Part 3

Part 3 also existed out of 8 figures; #02 Squirtle, #25 Pikachu, #35 Clefairy, #86 Seel, #118 Goldeen, #129 Magikarp, #147 Dratini and Marill.
Note how Marill was so ‘new’ still he didn’t have a Pokédex number (#183) yet!

I got 2/8; Pikachu and Clefairy.

Pokémon Figure Collection by Tomy Pikachu and Clefairy

My Pikachu comes on a light blue base and my Clefairy comes on a pink base. These cases are quite scratched sadly, with Pikachu being in a worse condition and also has some chips in his base. The figures however still look great, are all quite “retro” and chunky looking and are nicely painted.

Part 4

Part 4 also existed out of 8 figures but mostly the Trainers; Ash, Misty, #25 Pikachu, Togepi, Tracy, Prof. Oak, Joy and Jenny.
Note how Togepi was so ‘new’ still he didn’t have a Pokédex number (#175) yet!
What’s cool about this set is that the Trainers don’t get much merchandise so these are great!

I got 0/8.

Part 5

I couldn’t find anything about Part 5, but it must exist as I found Part 6, and I assume it’ll have 8 figures as well. If you have the leaflet of this please message me. 🙂

I got 0/8.

Part 6

Part 6 also existed out of 8 figures; #25 Pikachu, #172 Pichu, #173 Cleffa, #174 Igglybuff, #184 Azumarill, #188 Skiploom, #209 Snubbul and #242 Blissey.
It now no longer states the names but merely the Pokédex numbers. It features mostly Gen II Pokémon now, and also has the newer design for Pikachu.

There is something nostalgic about these figures. They’re chunky looking in my opinion as a lot of early merchandise did back in the day. Also, it has the iconic chubby Pikachu, which I like.

I never saw these in my childhood. I got the Pikachu through a lot online from the Netherlands, and I liked the Chubbychu so I kept him. Couple years later when I moved to the UK, I started to see these more often. Which makes sense as Tomy UK distributed these, although I didn’t know it at the time. I knew they were Gashapon, but my boyfriend from the UK didn’t recall them at all.

I found the Clefairy in a game shop, who has a little section with secondhand stuff and sold me it for £2.

I then found the other 5 from a seller in the UK as well, also sold for £2 each. He even had the leaflets (and Gashapon balls!) with them.

Now I finally had some more info on them! I like how the figures are in their own display cases, so they don’t get dusty and remain nice. I like how the cases stack, so they are cool to display. And I love the retro chubby look of the Pokémon. Overal, I really fell in love with these and I’m hoping to get many more!

As these were Gashapon in the UK, they probably retailed for £1 or £2, so getting them for that price is great. They are not that expensive to get in general (<5), so they are nice to collect when on a budget. If anyone is selling any I don’t have, especially for that price, I will probably buy!

If anyone has the leaflet from part 3, 4, 5 or 6 I also would be very interested to own. I have Part 2 double if anyone wants to trade as well. But a scan of Part 5 would be awesome as I can’t even find it! I’m curious how many of these figures exist, are there more than 6 parts?

If you like retro or small figures, these series are really cute and easy to collect (not too expensive in general). They are also great to display!
If you’re more into larger or modern figures, give these a miss.

Got any more details / information? Did I get something wrong? Do you own the same figures? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Pokémon Figure Collection – Tomy”

  1. I have been trying to find out where these came from! As a kid in Canada, I remember playing with a Ditto, Mew, and a Vaporeon (I think?) all from this line of dome figures…but I have to wonder where I found them? It was definitely second hand but cool that they made it all the way over to Canada!

    1. Hi Emory,

      That’s really cool! I’ve only found them in Europe so far. Maybe someone brought them back to Canada or imported them?
      I’ve never seen a Vaporeon before! Maybe it’s from that elusive part 5 I can’t find anything of haha.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Hey 🙂

    These are great 🙂 I was looking for info on the collection I’ve got. Nice review 🙂
    BTW I think I’ve got 9 that you don’t have. Unfortunately I live in Poland.
    I’ve got: Togepi; Goldeen; Ditto; Tracy; Ash; Squirtle; Horsea; Mew; Pikachu; Marill; Vulpix

    Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Hi Tina,

      Thank you for your kind words. So cool you have some too.
      I’d love to get them, but import costs are a bit steep. 🙁
      Hope you have a nice day too!

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