Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball – Bandai

Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball figures by Bandai

Company: Bandai

Release: 2017

Size: 3.5 cm

Main distribution: Japan

Barcode: 4549660115588

These are figures from a bath bomb / ball from Pokémon. They are blind boxes that exist out of a bath bomb with a figure inside. There are 5 figures to collect; Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu and Eevee. I got 4 of them.

Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball box

The bath bomb with figure come in a blind box, so you can’t tell which one you get prior. It’s mostly pastel pink and blue. The front of the packaging shows the name, a bath bomb and the Pikachu figure.

Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball box side

The side shows all the figures you can collect with their names, and instructions on how to use it. The bigger Pikachu in the corner is in scale. You basically unwrap the bath bomb, put it in a bath and watch it dissolve until the figure is all that remains.

Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball

When opening the blind box you’ll find the bath bomb wrapped in plastic. It’s just a plain pink ball.

Although you can dissolve them in a bowl of hot water to get the toy out, I don’t like wastage so I ran myself several baths over the weeks and threw the bomb in each time.

It fizzed and created some bubbles, but not as much as normal bubble bath stuff would. It turned the water in a dark pink. It has a very sweet smell of roses. Slowly the figure is revealed. It didn’t take that long for the entire bath bomb to dissolve, couple of minutes tops.

All figures come on a heart base and hold a heart. They are all in pastel colours. They all feel slightly rubbery, although it can’t be squished or bent. On the bottom of the heart base it reads in black text © Nintendo / Pokémon B. CHINA 2371829 and has the 4 dots Bandai stamp.


Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball Bulbasaur figure

Bulbasaur is in a sitting position, he has his eyes happily closed and smiles, much like ^_^. He holds the heart between his front paws.


Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball Charmander figure

Charmander is in a sitting position and winks. His arms are wide open and the heart is balanced in front of him.

Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball Squirtle figure

Squirtle is laying on his back, balancing on the bottom of his shell, slightly leaning forward. All his paws are up in the air. He has a winking expression. The heart is balanced on top of his tummy, between his left front and back paw and tail.

Pokémon Oh!-Egg Bath Ball Pikachu figure

Pikachu is in an upright sitting position, holding the heart in front of him with one paw, and touching his face with the other. He has a cute expression on his face with his head slightly cocked to the left.

I was never a fan of bath bombs. But when seeing cute Pokémon figures inside them I figured I’ll give them a try. I found them cheap on HLJ so I ordered 5 hoping to get one of each. Too my surprise I only got 1 double! An extra Squirtle instead of the missing Eevee. I’m hoping to be able to trade it one day.

I was a bit disappointed in the bath bomb’s shape. They could have easily made it look like a Pokéball. That aside, it did fizz and gave some bubbles. And it turned the bath water in a dark pink. And it smelled really sweet of roses! Sickly sweet in my opinion, and the figures still smell like it!

The figures however are adorable. They are great quality for a bath bomb toy! I love their pastel colours and cute expressions. I’m also really glad I got all 4 starters. I know Eevee is popular, but it was the one I wanted the least out of the 5. I still low-key want to complete my set though, and due to Eevee’s popularity might be hard. If anyone has one to get rid off, let me know!

If you like cute or pastel Pokémon figures, I recommend getting these. They are unique and sweet. If you like bath bombs for the bath itself, I don’t recommend them so much, unless you really like the smell of roses.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any of these figures? Which one is your fav? Do you bath in them or dissolve in a bowl? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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