Pokémon Dia’s – Meiji

Pokémon "dia's" by Meiji

Company: Meiji

Release: 2000

Size: 5×5 cm

Main distribution: Japan

These are Pokémon Dia’s that came with Meiji Pokémon biscuits. Although I’m not sure what these are called I’ve been calling them Dia (which I guess is Slide in English?) as they look like them, but I’ve seen them online called as Film Cells, Picture Frames, Film Frames etc. However I don’t think that truly reflects what these are so I’m sticking with Dia’s.

Meiji is known here for making Pocky (chocolate biscuit sticks). However, in Japan they make a variety of chocolate and biscuits. These dia’s came with Pokémon biscuits (small plain cookies shaped like Pokémon).

The box showed art from the second generation with Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Togepi, Marill, Slowking and Lugia in the top. It seems to focus on Pokémon Gold & Silver, or perhaps the movie Pokémon 2000. The bottom half was plain orange and showed a Clefairy cookie. Inside the box you’d find 30grams of biscuits in a red plastic bag, and a dia in silver foil.

It mentions there are 60 dia’s to collect.

Pokémon "dia" opened

The dia-frame can be opened to reveal the dia inside. Dia’s are like analog film and printed on transparant material. When light shines through the image is revealed. They are very fragile and easily scratched or warped.

Interestingly the frames have numbers but the dia’s themselves have different numbers. Perhaps these are episode numbers of the animation? The dia has ©Nintendo ᛫ CR ᛫ GF ᛫ TX ᛫ SP ᛫ JK, © Pikachu Project (in Japanese) 99 in the bottom left corner.

The frames have different Pokémon embossed on them and come in various colours. On the back it has Meiji and japanese in the top (I’m guessing it says Pokémon), and on the bottom it has © Nintendo ᛫ CREATURES ᛫ GAMEFREAK ᛫ TV TOKYO ᛫ SHO-PRO ᛫ JR KIKAKU.

This is Dia Frame #1, with Dia #296. It is a golden frame and shows Pikachu using Thunder.

This is Dia Frame #6, with Dia #180. It is also a golden frame and shows Pikachu with sparks coming off his cheeks. The frame has different Pokémon on it than the previous one. This Dia has some damage, notably on Pikachu’s face and in the sky next to his right arm.

This is Dia Frame #11, with Dia #20. It is a red frame and shows a bird perspective shot of Pikachu looking upwards.

This is Dia Frame #12, with Dia #177. It is a silver frame and shows a closeup shot of Pikachu looking sad. The dia has some damage along the bottom.

I’m very intrigued by these. I love animation and anything analog to do with it. I find film cells cool as you literally hold a piece of animation then. And these are very similar.

I bought these of someone in a Pokémon group on Facebook. I only bought the Pikachu ones as he’s one of my favourites. I’m surprised these came with biscuits, as they normally have cheap cards, tattoo’s or stickers. These things are actually quite cool!

I find it hard to find them though. People call them different things, and they are over 20 years old now. They appear to be quite rare as well. I would love to know what the numbers on the dia’s mean, as well finding a full list of all 60. I’m also wondering if multiple series were made, as the box I found that said 60 to collect only showed Gold and Silver frames, yet I have a red one and seemed to have an older style Pikachu. I’ve seen blue frames online as well. Was there an earlier series of Blue and Red, and then a Gold and Silver one? Or were they specials?

I hope to find some more. I don’t really collect flats anymore, but these are intriguing to me. And a bit different from the usual cards.

Got any more details / information? Did I get something wrong? Do you own some of these or the full set? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Pokémon Dia’s – Meiji”

  1. These are interesting, just purchased 5 that are still sealed in the package from a guy on Facebook. When they’re delivered, I’ll probably keep them sealed but would love to learn more about them!

    1. They are really hard to find! Cool you got one too. 🙂
      Is it gold / silver or red / blue? Any cool scenes on it?

      1. Gold. =) I have had it since 2002. In the picture Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu. Ash holds the Poké Ball and they all look at him =)
        Do you have a lot of them in your collection?)))

        1. Just these 4 for now. Someone on FB was selling several at the time and I only bought the Pikachu ones as I didn’t have enough to buy all and I like Pika the most. 🙂
          A full collection would be so cool to have though!

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