Pokémon Life@Enjoy Eating! plush – Banpresto

Pokémon Life@Enjoy Eating! plush by Banpresto

Set: Pokémon Life

Company: Banpresto

Year: August 21, 2014

Size: 26cm (33cm to tip of ears)

Main distribution: Japan

This is the Pikachu plush from the Pokémon Life series. Pokémon Life is aimed at more adult collectors (particular females), and exists out of various household items. This particular plush comes from the Enjoy Eating line, which has various kitchenware.

Pokémon Life@Enjoy Eating! by Banpresto promo

Pokémon Life is a very slice of life line with various cute every day objects you can use. Some of these can be hard to find outside Japan. Although most items in this line are household objects, there is also one plush, which I got.

Pokémon Life@Enjoy Eating! plush by Banpresto Pikachu front

The plush stands 33 cm tall (from bottom to tip of its ears) and has a soft, smooth texture with pastel colours. This means its iconic yellow and red cheeks are of a softer colour, and the black eyes, nose, mouth and tip of its ears are a soft brown.

Pokémon Life@Enjoy Eating! plush by Banpresto Pikachu side

It comes with a hang string on its head. Pikachu is holding a basic pink Poképuff, which fits with the Enjoy Eating campaign.

Pokémon Life@Enjoy Eating! plush by Banpresto Pikachu back

Its tail is nice and thick, and not a flat piece of fabric. The top of the tail is attached to its head.

Pokémon Life@Enjoy Eating! plush by Banpresto Pikachu tags

The tags are fairly simple. Both have a wood grain background. The tush tag is smooth and feels slightly like plastic. It has the Pokémon Life Enjoy Eating logo on one side, and an image of Chef Pikachu on the other. A smaller, typical Banpresto tush tag is behind it on which the hang tag is attached. The hangtag has the same images on it, with the usual logo’s, copyrights and Japanese info.

I love this series due to the soft nature and practical use of it. Then again, I am the target consumer for these products.

The pastel colours look great in a light room and it is a cute decoration piece, as can be seen in the promotional image. The plush is a decent size, and slightly bigger than your average plush. It’s very reminiscent of the Pikachu & Friends with Berries line.

The pose is fairly standard, Pikachu sitting and holding something, in this case a Poképuff. There isn’t much Poképuff-stuff out there though. Its head is slightly on the big side but that makes it look cute. It has a nice body that tapers at the neck, and cute thick little paws. Its face proportions are spot on.

Due to the paws sticking out it is quite easy to make it stand up on its own as well, an important feature in a plush I find.

I managed to get it for a good price from a Pokémon collector in Japan whom I found through various Pokémon Facebook groups. Although not a big fan of Poképuffs, I couldn’t resist the smooth pastel Pika.

I would like to gain more of the Pokémon Life series, but outside Japan the prices can be a bit ridiculous for some daily ware stuff sadly.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own the same plush? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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