Dragonball GT egg surprise – Giochi Preziosi

Dragonball GT egg surprise by Giochi Preziosi

Series: Dragonball GT

Company: Giochi Preziosi

Year: 2001

Size: 4 cm

Main distribution: Italy / Europe

This is a line of small toys that came in chocolate eggs, similar to the famous Kinder Egg Surprise.

Giochi Preziosi produced several chocolate eggs of Dragonball under their Dolci Preziosi brand, which Giochi Preziosi is the mother company of. This was a set of Dragonball GT chocolate eggs.

The set came in 8 figures; Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, Baby, Pan, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Goku, Gill, Super Saiyan Trunks and golden Oozaru Baby Vegeta.

Each toy was accompanied by a little leaflet. It showed the full range of the figures on a blue background. It read “Gli ovetti di Dragonball GT” which roughly translates to “the eggs of Dragonball GT”. The figures are a solid hard plastic.

I used to have the full set, but I sold them all as they looked derpy to me. All but 1; Gill.

Dragonball GT egg surprise by Giochi Preziosi Gill front

Gill stands in a very neutral pose, straight up with his arms down. His toes are widespread, giving him a wide base and he stands solid.

Dragonball GT egg surprise by Giochi Preziosi Gill back

On the back of his legs is the branding. It reads in a raised font: G.R © 96 B.S. / S. TA. Dragonball GT came out in 1996, which is what the copyright is referring to, as the figures were done in 2001. Gill also has an inverted 2 on the back of his right arm.

On a schooltrip to Italy in 2001-2002, I found one of these eggs in the shops. I bought one, not expecting much, and my suspicion was right. I didn’t like the taste of the chocolate, and I got a young Goku, looking quite derpy. Still, it was a fun little souvenir from my trip I figured.

Quite some time later, possibly a year, I found them in a Dutch shop. I had become obsessed with finishing series, so I bought a whole bunch to get the full set. Doubles were quickly sold off or traded.

These guys looked derpy. They were tiny, and their paint jobs looked awful. Some had such tiny bases they kept falling over. When I started to save for Uni, I sold some of my collection off. I realised it was impossible to collect everything, and just started to focus on my favourites. And these little derps went as well. However, I kept Gill.

Gill was a cool little addition to Dragonball GT as Trunks’ little alien robot. I quite like this Gill. It’s hard to find anything of him in general. He also scaled quite nicely with my action figures. And his paint job isn’t the worst, as it barely needs any to begin with. Some red on his eye, and some grey on his fingers and toes.

These are not the best, but if you like Dragonball GT, vintage stuff, food toys or weird European merchandise, these are right up your ally. And Gill is great of course!
If you want something of higher quality, you better look for something else.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any of these? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below.

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