Dragonball Z Collector’s Edition – Irwin Toy

Series: Dragon Ball Z

Company: Irwin Toy

Year: 2001

Size: 24 cm

Main distribution: America / Europe

This is a line of Collector’s Edition figures made by Irwin Toy. Only 3 figures were made; Goku, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Super Saiyan Vegeta. All were “battle damaged”.

The figures were quite big for that time, and were more decorative instead of a toy like the action figures that came before these. They come with display stands, which was advertised on the box by a sticker, so it was clearly a selling point.

The line simply stated “Collector’s Edition”, and seemed to be targeted at an older target group who rather display than play. They came in large boxes with a plastic, see-through front so you could see the figure inside.

No second line of these was made, possibly as Irwin Toy went under a year later.

The display stand has a pin that the character’s right foot sticks on through a small hole. On the bottom of the display stand is the marking. In raised font it reads:
© 2001 B. S./S.,T.A. Licensed by FUN. ® Irwin China. In the bottom left corner it would also have the respective character’s name; Goku, Gohan or Vegeta. This is a much appreciated feature, so you can’t mix the stands up, despite them all being exactly the same.

Under the character’s left foot is the marking as well. It reads the same in raised font: © 2001 B. S./S.,T.A. Licensed by FUN. ® Irwin China.

They all have some articulation on them, so you could see them in slightly different poses online.

I got all 3 of them.

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

Gohan is standing in his iconic pose with the broken arm against Perfect Cell, right after he saves Vegeta. He looks tired and hurt but he’s not giving up. He has a closed fist and an open palm. He looks angry and determent. He has yellow Super Saiyan 2 hair. He is wearing his purple gi from Piccolo, and looks “battle damaged”. His top half is ripped and hanging off him, and he has large holes at his knees. There’s blood and little wounds here and there, and dirt on his shoes and legs.
Despite being a display piece, there is some articulation in his arms and head. I have him standing in his iconic pose with the broken arm limping down, but you could have him reaching out or pointing upwards if you wish.
Due to his wide stance he stands incredibly stable, even when not using the display stand.

Super Saiyan Vegeta

Vegeta is standing in a somewhat defensive pose, looking to block an incoming attack or ready to attack himself. His legs are bent, standing sturdy, ready for whatever impact is coming. He has a closed fist and an open palm. He looks angry. He has yellow Super Saiyan hair. He is wearing the Saiyan armour Bulma made for him, and looks “battle damaged”. There’s cracks and scuffs on his armour, boots and gloves, and small holes and rips are in his blue under-suit. There’s blood and little wounds here and there, and dirt on his boots.
Despite being a display piece, there is some little articulation in his arms and head. This is why he looks in slightly different poses when you search for him online. I have mine looking to his side and open hand, which seems more battle ready to me, then looking forward, which comes across as shock to me.
Due to his pose were he’s slightly leaning forward, he is a bit top heavy. However he stands fine when on the display stand.


Goku is standing in his signature Kamehameha pose, arms stretched forward. His feet are firmly planted on the floor. He has an angry, intense expression on his face and is clearly shouting “-aaaaaaahhhh!”, the last part of the Kamehameha. He is wearing his iconic orange gi, and looks “battle damaged”. There’s rips and holes in his clothes. There’s blood and little wounds here and there, and dirt on his boots and lower legs.
Despite being a display piece, there is some little articulation in his arms, waist and head. I have mine shooting forward and looking at where he’s aiming, as this seems the most natural to me, but you could have him shooting sideways, or looking sideways, or not even have his palms together.
Due to his slim horizontal base he can wobbly slightly back and forth, but this is no issue when on the display stand.

I was a massive Dragonball fan at the time, and one of the first series I truly collected besides the Lion King. I spent all my pocket money on these, and harassed my family to go out to the bigger cities so I could buy these once I had saved up some.
I travelled almost weekly by train to Sittard to the Atomic comic bookshop to buy cards and these figures.
This was a time before internet, and we hunted for these figures in all the shops. Trading and selling on was a huge part of collecting, especially then, and it created some cool friendships.

More Dragonball stuff started to appear in the shops, and I believe I bought these partly in the comic bookshop, and partly at the local Intertoys toyshop. I remember loving these “battle damaged” figures. They were so cool all beat up, unlike the almost pristine figures you had otherwise. “Collector’s Edition” also made them sound so prestige, and displaying these felt like the next step up and more “adult”. The boxes were also quite big, so when you hauled these home you felt like you had spent your money on something great.

I absolutely love the Vegeta in this serie. His attitude slightly changes by altering his pose slightly. The battle damaged scuffs and scraps look cool. It kind of looks like his battle ready pose, but also kinda not. It’s quite a unique pose somehow. He appears to be from the Android ~ Cell Games era based on his outfit.

Gohan looks cool as well, and is very iconic. Standing how he roughly stood after saving Vegeta from Perfect Cell and before he unleashes the epic one handed Kamehameha with Goku’s spirit. It’s a great moment in the anime and having a 3D representation of that is cool.

Goku however looks bland to me. He’s harder to pinpoint, as he always looks like this. He has no symbol on his Gi, which makes it also hard to place him. He’s not a Super Saiyan, so possibly early DBZ? His shirt is still intact, so it’s early in a battle. Perhaps he’s just a generic Goku doing his signature move, and not from a point in the anime? His face also is weird to me. I think it’s the red lines around his eyes.

I often thought about selling at least Goku, but I can’t bring myself to break the set up. I like them, but nicer figures have come along since then. I’m keeping them for now though, but I might part with them some day, if not at least Goku.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any of these figures? Which one is your fav? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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