Pokémon Full Color Stadium – Bandai

Set:  Full Color Stadium

Company: Bandai

Year: 1998-1999

Size: +/- 3 cm

Main distribution: Japan

Full Color Stadium figures are small figures on an interlocking hexagon base that were distributed in gashapon machines in various series. Most of these are from Gen 1, with a couple of Gen 2 Pokémon. Full Color Stadium is the successor of the Full Color Collection series.

Each gashapon serie came in 12 figures. It consists of 1 figure, 1 interlocking hexagon base, the leaflet of the set and a sticker to place under the base. People can “battle” with each other by both choosing a Pokémon and then comparing the numbers on the stickers under the bases.

The figure will have a small hole under them or a little circular “base”. The hexagon base has a plug to place the figure on. In the back of the figure is the brand engraved. It reads in indented font: © 任天堂 · C · G · T · S · J B. CHINA and has the 4 dots Bandai stamp.

Because these series are from the 90’s, they mostly represent Gen 1 Pokémon, with a couple of early Gen 2 in the later series.

There are 15 parts of 12 figures, resulting in 180 figures to collect. I got 8/180.

Below is my collection so far.

Full Color Stadium Part 1

I got 1/12.

Squirtle – Tail Whip しっぽをふる (Tail Wag)

Full Color Stadium Part 2

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 3
Release: 1998

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 4
Release: 1998

I got 1/12.

Pikachu – Swift スピードスター (Speed Star)

Unsure if correct base?

Full Color Stadium Part 5
Release: 1998

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 6
Release: 1998

I got 1/12.

Pikachu – Double Team かげぶんしん (Shadow Divide)

Slight damage on Pikachu’s double’s ear

Full Color Stadium Part 7
Release: 1998

I got 1/12.

Pikachu – Mega Punch メガトンパンチ (Megaton Punch)

Should be dark green base – will upload new pic

Full Color Stadium Part 8
Release: 1998

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 9
Release: 1998

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 10
Release: 1998

I got 1/12.

Pikachu – Rage いかり (Rage)

Should be light green base – will upload new pic

Full Color Stadium Part 11
Release: 1998

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 12

I got 2/12.

Squirtle – Withdraw からにこもる (Withdraw into Shell)

Pikachu – Thunder Shock でんきショック (Electric Shock)

Full Color Stadium Part 13

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 14

I got 0/12.

Full Color Stadium Part 15

I got 1/12.

Ditto – Transform へんしん (Transform)

I also got this guy, but as I can’t find him on any of these so I think he may be a Full Color Collection figure instead.

Pikachu squashing Ditto
Unsure if correct colour base

There is something nostalgic about these figures. They’re slightly derpy looking in my opinion as a lot of early merchandise did back in the day. However, the Full Color Stadium figures have some unique poses of their moves that I absolutely adore, so I’m trying to collect these. Also, it has the iconic chubby Pikachu, which I like.

And anyone that knows me knows I like mathematical shapes and hexagons are one of my favourites! The fact these interlock makes them so cool to display.

My first figure was boxing Pikachu, which I found randomly through google images and then asked on a collectors group if anyone knew what figure it was or if anyone had it for sale. Then I found it and bought it from a collector in Germany.

I really liked the boxing Pikachu as it refers to Episode 29 where Pikachu fights a Hitmonchan by boxing.

That same collector also had the laying Squirtle. My boyfriend calls me his tiny turtle so Squirtle is a bit special for me.

Looking further into this series I found the Ditto ones. I loved them and wanted to add them to my collection, and when I found someone selling the Pikachu VS Ditto one, I instantly bought it, although it was a bit pricey. Having looked further into this though, I actually think it’s a Full Color Collection figure, not a Full Color Stadium. I will look into this.

The next two I gained came completely new in packaging, hence I have the leaflets they came with. These came from a collector in Hong Kong who orders through Japan, and had a whole box of them as he was cleaning out! I can’t believe I found something new that was released almost 2 decades ago. Even better, he had Dittosaur! And another cute Squirtle to add to the collection.

The rest came out of a cheap lot I bought from Spain. The figures were a bit dirty, but they were cheap and it has that angry Pikachu I was looking for. Although not high on the want list and not a big fan of “clear” figures, I’m glad I gained the other Pikachu as well. Sadly the Double Team one has a piece missing from its ear.
It also came with another Pikachu VS Ditto, so I have one for sale or trade if anyone is on the lookout for one!

There are still a couple I would like. High on the list is Exeggutor stomping on a Ditto and a fat Pikachu on a tree trunk, as well as Dittochu. But I’ll look at any uniquely posed ones. Again, I think some are Full Color Collection figures, I will research.

If you like retro, or small figures, these series are really cute and easy to collect (not too expensive in general). I find these figures have some cool poses that look great in any collection!

Got any more details / information? Did I get something wrong? Do you own the same figures? Let me know in the comments below!

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