Pokémon Power Bouncer – Tomy / Hasbro

Pokémon Power Bouncers by Tomy / Hasbro

Set: Pokémon Power Bouncer Ball / ポケモンスーパーボール Pokémon Super Ball

Company: Tomy (Japan) / Hasbro (West)

Year: 1997 (Japan) / 1998+ (West)

Size: 4.5 cm

Main distribution: Japan, Europe, United States

Pokémon Power Bouncers are transparant bouncy balls with a small Pokémon figure inside. Made by Tomy in Japan in 1997, and later distributed by Hasbro from 1998 onwards in the West. Several series were made.

While Tomy made 12 different Super Balls in Japan, Hasbro took it further and made 8 series, with 33 different Power Bouncers in total.

Tomy (Japan)

Release: 1997
Barcode Mew: 4904810406051

Tomy made 12 Super Balls. Each Super Ball came in a blister pack, with artwork of the Pokémon on the cardboard in the top left corner, and the right side of the cardboard in the Pokémon’s main colour.

S01 Charizard, S02 Blastoise, S03 Pikachu, S04 Mewtwo, S05 Dragonite, S06 Poliwhirl, S07 Charmander, S08 Squirtle, S09 Flareon, S10 Jolteon, S11 Vaporeon and S12 Mew were made.

I got 2/12.


Tomy Super Ball Charmander

Charmander stands in a happy upright position and balances on one foot. Its hands are spread and it has an open mouth.
The branding is on its back. It reads in indented font © 任天堂 · C · G · T · S · J. On top of the ball is CHINA.


Tomy Super Ball Vaporeon

Vaporeon sits with its tail curled around its legs. It has a stoic expression. There is no white in its eyes.
The branding is on its back. It reads in indented font © 任天堂 · C · G · T · S · J. On top of the ball is CHINA.


Hasbro made several series of Power Bouncers. Each Power Bouncer came in a blister pack, and all looked the same; red and blue with a 90’s star graphic with Ash in the corner. Series 6+ changed the packaging to match all the new Johto merchandise, still red and blue, but without Ash and a more 2000s round look to it.

Series 1
Release date: November 1998
Barcode Charizard: 5023117545634

Series 1 consisted out of 8 Power Bouncers; Charmander, Charizard, Squirtle, Blastoise, Pikachu, Poliwhirl, Flareon and Mewtwo.

These were the same as the Tomy releases from the previous year in Japan. I believe the figures have the same Japanese branding, as I have not found a Western branding on these.

I have 1/8; Charmander.

Hasbro Power Bouncer Charmander

Series 2
Release date: May 1999

Series 2 consisted out of 3 more Power Bouncers; Vaporeon, Jolteon and Dragonite.

These were the same as the Tomy releases from 1997 in Japan. I believe the figures have the same Japanese branding, as I have not found a Western branding on these.

I have 1/3; Vaporeon.

Hasbro Power Bouncer Vaporeon

Series 3
Release date: November 1999

Series 3 only added 1 more Power Bouncer; Mew.

This was the same one as the Tomy release from 1997 in Japan. I believe the figure has the same Japanese branding, as I have not found a Western branded one.

I have 0/1.

Series 4
Release date: 1999?
Barcode Bulbasaur: 076930580936

Series 4 added 3 more Power Bouncers to the line up; Bulbasaur, Meowth and Togepi.

These were the first new Pokémon Power Bouncers not using Tomy’s earlier designs, and therefor have Western branding on them.

I have 0/3.

Series 5

Series 5 added another 4 Power Bouncers to the line up; Psyduck, Gengar, Lapras and Eevee.

I have 1/4; Eevee.

Hasbro Power Bouncer Eevee

Eevee stands quite neutral with a happy expression on its face.
The branding is on its tail. It reads in indented font © Nintendo · C · G. On top of the ball is CHINA.

Series 6

Series 6 added another 4 Power Bouncers; Clefairy, Oddish, Vileplume and Chansey.

I have 0/4.

Series 7

Series 7 added another 4 Power Bouncers; Jigglypuff, Diglett, Farfetch’d and Snorlax.

I have 0/4.

Series 8

Series 8 added 6 more Power Bouncers; Chikorita, Totodile, Hoothoot, Spinarak, Quagsire and Stantler.

These are the only non-Kanto Power Bouncers.

I have 0/6.

I remember these coming out and going to the local Intertoys as a kid to buy Pokémon merchandise. Although initially only interested in the plush and the Tomy figures, I tended to get anything back then I could get my hands on. So I bought an Eevee Power Bouncer.

I had a dog who loved balls, 2 younger brothers, and these balls tend to get dirty fast, so I rarely played with it. I would look at it, bounce it a few times, then place it back in its packaging to keep it “pristine”. I still have that packaging!

Hasbro Power Bouncer Eevee in packaging

The plastic front has yellowed, but the ball is mostly fine.

Charmander and Vaporeon I found in a charity shop years later in the UK, along with a whole bunch of other cool late 90s merchandise I bought.

Although Eevee is my own childhood Power Bouncer, I do love Charmander’s little playful pose. So I guess they are my favourite. Vaporeon is kinda creepy with its dead eyes to me though.

These balls get dirty easily, break apart from bouncing, get eaten by dogs, chewed on by kids, discolour cloudy or yellow and I even seen some figures turn silver inside due to some chemical reaction with the plastics. Not to mention all the kids who “freed” the Pokémon from inside. Although I imagine thousands have been made as they were cheap and everywhere, it’s rare to find them now in a good condition 20+ years later.

I’m not sure what to do with them though. I’m not going to get them all, and as cute as Charmander looks, the collector in me can’t break it open to “free” it. I tried to sell them some years ago to fund my Masters degree, but no one wanted them back then! Now the prices have gone up and there is more interest in vintage merchandise, and I’m also now more reluctant to sell as I no longer need the funds that badly. I’m scared I’ll regret it if I sell them now and I’m kind of relieved I never did. There’s something nostalgic about these. If I notice them turning silver though, or the balls start discolouring, I might break them open or sell on. But for now, they can stay in my collection.

If you like vintage Pokémon merchandise, these are great and quite random when you think about it (bouncy balls?!). They’re also nostalgic to most people.
If you like more rare or greater quality items, or have no nostalgic feelings to these, you might want to pass.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own any of these balls? Which one is your fav? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Vaporeon was my favorite because it was the only one I had as a kid lol. The dead eyes really a turnoff looking at it now.

  2. The Mewtwo is kinda famous for a kid choking on it during the 90s. Very sad but the Pokémon Kills website was an overreaction

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