Pokémon Collection くじ 2017 – Banpresto

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017

Set: Pokémon Collectionくじ

Company: Banpresto

Year: June 28, 2017

Size: 40cm (nose to butt)

Main distribution: Japan

This is the Pokémon Collectionくじ (Kuji) 2017 line. This series seems to celebrate Gen I and features lots of pastel colours, party food and presents. The series consists of plushies, pouches, handtowels, glasses and keychains. These items could only be won in a Kujiban lottery, hence the name.

Pokémon Collectionくじ 2017 is a very cute line that seems to celebrate Pokémon, in particular the first generation.

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017 artwork

It features some staple favourites of Gen I like Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, Gengar, Ditto, Vulpix, Lapras, Snorlax and Mew.

The series is very similar to the I ♡ series, meaning the colours are pastel and the plush are fluffy.

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017 prizes

I got the last prize plush; open eyes laying female Pikachu.

Last Prize – Pikachu (Female Version)

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017 Last Prize Pikachu (Female Version) front

It’s a female Pikachu with pink cheeks and open eyes. The plush lays and is about 40 cm long (from tip of nose to butt) and has a soft, fuzzy texture with pastel colours. This means its iconic yellow is of a softer colour, and the black eyes, nose, mouth and tip of its ears are a soft brown much like on its tail and back stripes.
Unlike the I ♡ Pikachu series Pikachu plush, her cheeks are of the same material as the rest of the plush, so they are fuzzy too.
It has a content face, with open eyes and a closed, happy “3” mouth. Its ears are quite loose and wiggle when you move her.

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017 Last Prize Pikachu (Female Version) side

Her proportions are off when it comes to its paws as they are too small, but the rest seems spot on. It looks like a cute, fluffy, chubby Pikachu laying on its belly.

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017 Last Prize Pikachu (Female Version) back

The tail is nice and thick and has that iconic heart shape to indicate it’s female.

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017 Last Prize Pikachu (Female Version) tush tag

It only has a small tush tag on its back left side. It simply states the year and brands.

Pokémon Collection Ichiban Kuji 2017 Last Prize Pikachu (Female Version) packaging

It came in a simple, transparant, plastic bag met a big red sticker and big red label that states it’s a Pikachu (Female Version) and the Last Prize in the Pokémon Collectionくじ 2017.

I absolutely adore the I ♡ Pikachu line due to its cute pastel colours and soft nature. So when I saw this series I obviously immediately loved it too. Although not a great fan of female Pikachu, when I saw it for sale on a Facebook group I instantly snagged it up.

It looks very similar to my other fuzzy laying Pikachu from the I ♡ Pikachu line, but it’s much bigger. It also has pink cheeks, which adds to its femininity.

This fuzzy girl is extremely soft and its fuzziness makes it look cute. It looks great in a light room and on a bed. It’s currently laying with my I ♡ Pikachu boy.

It has a nice shape which tapers in at the neck. The proportions on its face are spot on and the slightly bigger head adds to its cute look.

The only negatives I can find in this plush is that the fuzzy texture can collect a lot of dirt, hairs etc. so keep your plushy clean!

I find many of the plush in this line have the same shape / pose, but have a new accessory, a different face or are in a different size, and I’m not the collector who wants one of everything but picks its favourites, which in my case is based on uniqueness. I understand it’s easier to (re)produce something that’s already made and change one small feature, be it face or size, or add a little something extra like a flower, but it’s simply not for me and find it personally a  bit of a cash cow. However, I’m glad to own both this large girl and the smaller boy, and I might get some more, as these are just amazing. The pastel Pikachu might be the exception to my rule!

There are still some more cute Pikachu I would like to add to my collection so if you have some for sale that are similar you can always shoot me a message.

Got any more details / information you think I should add? Or did I get something wrong? Do you own the same plush? Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let me know in the comments below!

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